Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dot menjerit di KL

Aiyohhh...jauh nya client saya kali ini..This is far worse than Wisma SIme Darby daa..At least Sime Darby..kalau tanak drive..leh naik lrt jek kat Bukit Jalil..Or kalau nak drive.. parking 5 hengget jek..Ini kau Empire Tower..Jam tak ingat.. parking sejam 3 hengget... (dot belom pon drive agik sampai hari ni..hehe)..Kalau tanak drive plak... kena naik lrt..tukar plak the time sampai ofis client kaki dah gigil gigil dah penat naik tangga..Kalau kira la jumlah anak tangga sehari dot turun naik, bermula dpd pintu rumah dot tuh..ade lah kut nak dekat sama kat bt caves..huhuh..sian kaki ku..
Neway..ku sangat lah bz nye di sini.. nih tgh lunch..sebab tuh leh curik tulang update blog..Tomolo i got some office function : Malam KSP ... or shud be named..malam membuli junior baru termasuk la dlm golongan junior nih.. this nite..all the juniors have to perform somthing for the majlis.. @ Renaissance..Belum pape dot dah suffers from Pre Stage Fright SYndrome dah..cehh..lemah betul aku nih..
Today marks the 87th, me and leman's monthly aniversary.. We celebrate it wif a fight over the phone as the clock stwuck 12 last nite..Sigh... But we're okay now.. its some sort of our couplehood monthly activity..hahaha..actually..i cant remember when was the last time we manage not to fight for more than 1 month...
Usually.. When he succeeded in making me extra pissed off.. i would demand something material in return if i were to forgive him...hehehe.. (ade ciri ciri menjadi creative accountant).. Tapi jarang la sgt.. usually paling kuat pon suh belanja makan jek.. it goes the same wif him.. i will have to belanja him if i made him mad (usually its becos he's jeles wif some of my guy frens) Tapi ade sekali tuh... when he made me wait from 9 am on saturday (as promised).. and only managed to show up at 12 midnight (the next day alredi)..mengamuk sakan lah setelah puas marah still tak puas puas hati agik.. i decide to bagi peluang belanja me tgk disney on ice..tiket bukan paling murah..hahahah..seronott gile... since then..i told him that if he wished not to be bank-arab before he turns 30..he better start reading books wif title "Idiot guides to treat your girlfren right".. But until today..he's still searching for the book (maybe dot shud write one)...and i believe my boifren have a master degree in arts to make me sakit hati and cry....huhuhu.. but after all.. Nobody's perfect (not even dot..tau takpe :) ).. i love this "nobody's perfect momma boy" boifren of mine so much...

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