Thursday, August 10, 2006

Abg Nuar punye pasal..busy pon sempat blog..

My Life is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY d hectic at the mo..before i knew it..the audit peak period is starting again..gone were the days when i can wake up whenever i wanted..530pm or earlier going back home time..blogging and frenster and surfing time..and the most time i would miss would be me not needing to berfikir and tak payah buat aper aper time...sighh...
Neway..Im blogging today (even tho im super duper duper busy! hehehe) cause yesterday night, i saw abang Anuar Zain at Borders @ The Curve..soooo cutee..a bit too skinny but still so kawaeeiii (so jakun) dah nak amik gambar dah ngan sister dah ready kamera (brand new!hehehe) dah...but my very very loving and understanding fiance REFUSED..i repeat..REFUSED to entertain my request to take our pictures.."bukan lah..tuh bukan Anuar Zain lah"..rabun agaknye sayang aku sister volunteered to take mine..but by that time i've already lost my courage to approach abang nuar..hikhikhik...and tetiba rasa macam poyo plak nak tangkap gambar dlm which my sister reply.."gatal betol" she has already put her kamera on standby we are (me + my sis) very jakun-ly nyuruk2 stared at anuar zain..while leman very ekshenly acted that he doesn't care ":P..(FYI : yours truly is a big fan of abang nuar...)
Esok sampai 2 minggu lagik..i'll be assigned in Seremban..but have to berulang alik for classes..i've foresee myself ponteng-ing class at least once a week for those weeks...
Baru 2 minggu puasa..and i've managed to asek makan besar aje..
1 day puasa : Buka puasa with ayong, leman and amirul @ Hartamas Square (nak pegi Tupai2 but tutup plak)
Cannot remember the sequence already :
= Buka puasa with Ihsan, Nafis and Shaya @ Nando's KLCC..
= Buka puasa with Raf + Reza, Berg + Louisa and Shaz @ Planet Hollywood..
= Buka puasa with Berg, Ihsan, Nafis and Akim @ Manhattan Fish Market @ Sogo
= Buka puasa with Nizam + Cicirina @ McDonald @ CM
= Buka puasa with Ayong @ Al-Marjan @ KLCC
The day before : Buka puasa with Ayong, Leman and Kak Sharina @ Nando's OU
Yesterday : Buka puasa with Ayong and Leman @ Planet Hollywood..again...
Haahahahha...since my weekdays would be fully occupied in Seremban for the next 2 weekend has been fully booked too..
= Berbuka puasa with Jue, Intan and Skin @ you guess rite..Planet Hollywood again...hehehehe..
= Berbuka puasa with Ayong @ Westin Hotel
= Berbuka puasa with Ratna @ undecided yet..
= Berbuka puasa with PwC @ Sime Darby Convention Centre
Feww...that's a lot of eating involve there..not to mention a lot of moolah...
Im not sure i can blog again until hari raya..