Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's a long long long road...

About 4 and a half years ago, Dot's career path begin..

HSBC Electronic Data Processing Centre, Cyberjaya
1) Fresh out of Uni..
2) Eager to "veni..vedi..vincci" the world..
3) Eager to make money..
4) Still stupid (not so much different from now..hahhaha)

I am all of the above back then..thus when the offer came thru (even before I was done sitting for my final papers during my final year in Cyberjaya)..I said YES..but requested for a later timein order for me to complete my exams..and have a nice one week Langkawi holiday with my Unimates..

Odd working hours.. Back then, the working hours does not bother me in a bit..Starting at 3pm and ending at 12 midnite.. hahahha..macam continue zaman University jek sebenar nye..Bangun tido kol 2..siap siap gi kerja..balik kerja lepak sampai subuh..And since I'm staying with "budak-budak" kecik yg comel (thanks girls for being the bestest "budak budak" housemate ever - Fatih, Tipah, Ratna and Aisyah)..I other word..I'm not actually working..I'm having fun..and GETTING PAID FOR IT..hahahha..

I can still remember those process launching..singing..dancing..and lots other "activities" that I don't think I'll see elsewhere..Back in 2003, I'm one of the total 40 occupant in the whole HSBC building..1 year later..They have been rapidly expanding (nearly 1000 or more)..40 was nice..and cosy..we're like a little happy go lucky family..

The feeling changes when ONE BY ONE my close frens (teammates) left for other work..I've endure at least 7 of other people resigning before me..when I said endure..I meant you might know by now I am indeed "cembeng"..
Thus, after 1 year..I REALLY REALLY REALLY FEEL LIKE RESIGNING!!! I can still remember being awed (yeah, refer to Note 4 above) whenever anyone else found any other jobs outside..hahaha..Hence, my own job hunting begins..Odd working hour makes it easier for me to attend interviews..hahah..

Anyway..An internal opening for internal transfer between department open up..As a Finance Exec in being (No. 4)..I don't really know what else or where else I should go besides in FINANCE DEPT (anyway, at that time, ANYTHING SEEMS BETTER than OPERATION DEPARTMENT)..

To cut a long story short, I suceed in the Internal Interview (still had the offer letter to prove it!) ..My then Manager inform me that I have succeeded and I am happy..However, the very NEXT MORNING, I got a call from P*C..telling me I've succeeded in their interview as about choices..AND I AM REALLY NOT GOOD AT MAKING ANY...

Seminggu gak la stress sebab tatau mana nak choose..I've waited nearly 2 years for that opening in Finance Department..last2..Being the mata duitan that I am..I opted to take the new challenges in P*C..(Remembering back on the job description (It's gonna be so boring I'll be begging my boss to transfer me back to Operation..), I believe I have made one of the WISEST decision of my life..

However, I really cherish my stay in HSBC..eventho 1 and 1/2 years over there seem wasted (not a day was counted into my move to P*C..It's as if I started all over again..sama macam baru kuar Uni)..But I dont think it's totally wasted..I had fun, make loads of great frens (the bestest being Ija, Patrick, Kamal, Shahnaz, Kiah, Eric, Suraya and Mun Hoe), meet lots of people..and I made myself better prepared for the outside world (outside Cyberjaya morelike)..
And even tho i remember being VERY VERY OVER THE MOON HAPPY masa nak resign tuh..tak sabar sabar nak blah..I cried louder than any of my teammates (if any..heheh) that last working day..hahhahaha...

The new beginning..PwC..
1) Very excited to leave HDPM
2) scared to death to enter a new environment
3) Stupid as ever..
4) Very jakun and excited to get a new laptop pinjam..

The first few months were disastorous..If i remembered correctly, aku asek sebut aku nak resign every single day I'm working..hahhaha..I am sooooo stupid beyond hope.,.masok masok pulak masa tgh nak start peak period..harus tak leh nak manja manja..harus byk jugak kena belajar sendiri..and cepat..I actually loss weight during this time (but regained them soon after..x 10 morelike..huhuhuhuhhuhu)..hahahah..stress nak mampos..padahal associate jek..bukan partner pon nak stress sampai nak mati..tapi serious sangat stress sebab aku macam tatau lah amende yg aku buat kat situ (note: any clients of the firm during which I am assigned to during that early period of my career,can rest assured that my seniors and superiors dah check dah keja I..hahahaha) cut another story short..After a while I've got the hang of it (what can I say, I am a fast learner..ceewah..), and the sailing went on more smoothly..

Until I got promoted in June 2006..I become,
1) Depressed tahap bapak gajah especially time peak period..
2) kluar masok hospital like it's nobodies busines (cause my main Client is in the healthcare line..heheheh)
3) Motivation level dropping like air hujan masa musim tengkujuh..

I don't know how to describe my feelings..but you would just know when it's time for you to activate your jobstreet account again..hahahahha...Ade satu macam perasaan..One minutes I'm finishing my report..the next minute I'm like.."eh..aku nak berenti kerja lah"..Hahahahaa..serius tak tipu..padahal sebelom tuh rasa macam at least boleh stay sampai naik another level lah..bukan lama sgt lagik..dlm next year bulan 7..But when the "calling" just don't care anymore..huhuhhuh..

Anyway, since I'm not as naive and stoopid as before (not totally cured either..explanation on why I failed my ACCA papers..heheheh)..I took my sweet time..okla..tipu sebenar nye..panic and start carik kerja macam tiada hari esok..hahahahah..At least after 3 years and 2 months with a big 4, boleh lah demand lebih sikit..(I wish!)..

The reason I'm telling you all these long and boring stories is a few hours time..I would be resigning..heheheheh...I'm so happy to leave..and to venture out of audit..yeayyy..
But again, I've never regret my stay in this truly TERRIFIC firm (bukan nak bodek boss ye)..They dont call themselves Big 4 for nothing..seriously..despite the stress..tak cukup tido..sesak nafas (which miraculously cured right after I started my study leave..hahaha)..stress lagik..dan lagik dan lagik..I wouldn't want to trade this experience for anything..I am really proud to be one them..or more precisely..soon-to-be an ex...heheheheh..

So..after tomorrow..I'll be starting my countdown to the new start..

Anyone wants to belanja me a Starbucks - Grande Hot Toffee Nut Latte with cream today? --> Dah beli sendiri semalam..

SUbsequent to me resigning ---> This is the STUPIDEST stupid mistake that I've make (okay, maybe second
stupidest compared to the "kena tipu kat Giant thingee!)..anyway, aku menyesal resign..uuwwaaa..actually tak menyesal resign..tapi menyesal timing resign tuh..I should have waited until after my Exam..but since aku tender semalam, automatically diaorang tarik balik semua study leave aku..harus aku menggelupur sekejap..seb baik ade overtime leave yg belom offset..tapi aku langsung takde cuti dah bulan 12 nanti..demmit..and haruslah aku sangat miskin next month! hahahahah..

Tapi takpe kot..I have 3 very baik hati personal bankers; Mr. Husband, Mr Father and Mr Father-in-law..hahahhaha..Miss sister pon boleh tolong cover jugak kan..kan...hehehehhe..