Thursday, July 27, 2006


My 25 birthday celebration was memorable and enjoyable...
On the 22 of July, i organized a birthday bash plus a combination with another celebration, at the pool side area of my apartment..
My guest list were around 20 of my closest family and frens..some from Uni..some from ex job and some from current job..
I cooked my self proclaim "best" spagetti..but it got burnt..hahahaha...being me dunno how to control my new electric dapur gas (baik punya alasan) and also being me rushing (another baik punya alasan), and also me being tatau nak masak untuk 20 orang (hahahahah...nih alasan utama nih)..or my mother ever famous punye alasan --->> berangan lah tuh!!!! hehehehhe
Pepagi buta aku dah gi shopping kat Giant..and later at IOI Mall untuk cari baju nak matching with the theme..which is GREEN...but then sesia usaha kalau tau nak kena campak dalam swimming pool...huhuhuhu...TWICE!!!!
Menu utama : BBQ chicken prepared by my brother's gilfren..gile sedap siyut...sampai tak cukup..sausages..potatoes..garlic bread...the famously burnt spageti..domino's pizza (terpaksa order pizza sebab nak cover spageti hangus tuh!!hahhaha)...buah jambu from tapah...cheese cake (shaz yg baik hati bake kan), cheese cake secret recipe (kawan2 HSBC yg baik hati belikan), donuts and pringles (Ija yg baik hati belikan), makanan ringan, air non-alkohol pelbagai jenis (leman yg baik hati belikan) and fish nugget (Jue yg baik hati gorengkan)...
After the potong cake ceremony...Bee yg baik hati telah berpakat bersama Azie, Ayong, Karim and Leman..telah menenyeh cream cake kat muka aku..tuh sebenarnye nak distract jek..mission sebenar nak campak aku dlm pool kat belakang tuh...then they asked leman ( beloved fiance) to pull me in..but of course la leman yg baik hati tak sampai hati nak buang fiance dia dalam swimming pool kan...hik hik...but obviously tak cukup baik hati untuk menyelamatkan tunang nya drpd di tolak masok ke dalam pool...huhuhuh...tapi cukup amat baik hati untuk terjun bersama sama ke dalam swimming basah lah berdua duaan...hehehehhe...then..tak lama lepas trying to drag Nizam into the pool..but ending up Nizam tolak aku lagik skalik masok pool...huuwwwaaaa.....basah lencun balik...siyut jek..tak ci betul Nizam...
All in ws a great day for me...
i got these presents:
Leman : kasut Sketchers (pilih sendiri punya...hehehehe)
Shaz, Nizam, Alisa, Louisa and Raf : Kasut Elle, x; odus and eclipse...very very the beautiful..
Ija and Joe : Sandal
Boy and Azie : Kasut tinggi + 2 CDs
Ayong : CD player Phillip + anak patung beruang kecik
Kamal : RM50 (i likeeee...hehehehe)
Patrick and Su yin : figurine Power Puff Girls
Mun Hoe : Gelang tangan
Skin + Intan : Lilin Potpurri
Jue : Eye shadow body shop
THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH EVERYONE...LOVES ALL YOUR GIFTS...slowly and painfully and costly..boleh lah aku memulakan kembali koleksi kasut ku...hehehhehe...LOVE YOU GIRLS/GUYS...Of course i love you the most Leman!! hehehe...
We missed Endran for the party as he was at the "down under"..
Today, 28 July 2006, i would like to wish ;
My cute and hensem tapi tak cukup tinggi brother; Zafri Hassan Basri and also Khairul Bee Bariah : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! muahhhsss...
To BEE : Ade ubi ader batas...kau tunggu lah...nih birthday kau aku plak balas...hehehehhe....

CD ku dalam kenangan..

I am missing my CDs...huhuhuhu...
1) Dewa 19
2) Dewa - The best of Dewa
3) Peter Pan
4) Peter Pan - Bintang di Syurga
7) Samson
8) Cokelat
9) Ari Lasso
10) Sheila on 7
11) Marcell
12) Agnes Monica
13) Rossa
14) Shanty
15) Glenn Fredly
16) Lifehouse
17) Gwen Steffani
18) Pink
19) My Chemical Romance
20) Snoop Dogg
21) Hoobastank
22) Britney Spears
23) Pussycat Dolls
24) Goo Goo Dolls
25) Ashley simpson
26) Kelly Clarkson
27) Stereophonic
28) Il Divo
29) Madonna
30) Lindsay lohan
And many more that i myself cant even remember..right now my best frens would be ;
1) Hits FM
2) Mix FM
3) Fly FM
6) RADIO MUSIK (layan hindustan siyot..heheheh)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Me..

Im blogging at the hotel lobby at the hour of 1149pm..dah ngantukk...pagi tadik mak drive straight from KL to Ipoh yuolls..tapi kat sinih internet connection die free dan sgt giler surfing...I'll be on leave on monday and tuesday some important things to settle eloping with Leman..mind i type, that love of mine is in KL..while im here..sighhh...miss my Leman..
Yesterday was one of the very important, significant and happiest day of my life..I'm glad its all out now..and i could sleep more peaceful at nite..hehehe..thanks to all of my frens and colleuges who wishes me well..
My CONGRATULATIONS also goes to;
(i) Shaz (ii) Endran (iii) Irin (iv)Mira (v)Sita
(vi) and everyone else not mentioned here
To Nizam, jgn susah susah hati..we will all be supporting you along the way...tak lama lah bebeh..few months jek beza..with all my loans and are far richer than me anyway...ahhahaha...
And a big THANK YOU goes to the ever beautiful (harus lah puji lebih lebih kan...supaya lenkali you belanja kitaorg lagik!!!heheheh) Louisa for her treat at the California Pizza Kitchen that same day...
And also ...lots of loves, hugs and kisses goes to my beloved fiance..for the beautiful roses for the occasion...LOVE you lots huney...i miss you so much alredi...
I'm taking a small break from my ever hectic life rite now..
My ACCA classes will resume next week..meaning NO MORE SOCIAL life or ANY OTHER LIFE for me for that matter...siighhhhhhhhh...MALASSSSSSSSSSS nye nak pegi klas...seb baik kali nih ade geng..Shaz..kita harus lah jgn monteng slalu...hehehehe...
Assignments plak masih tak berhenti henti..lepas satu job ke satu job...stress ajer..but since the firm has revised the mileage claim..sejok lah hati skit kan..heheheh...
Next week onwards, i have to be one of the greatest circus performer of i have to juggle my Family, Love, Work, Study, Frens, Treasure Hunts and Whatever left of my life...and in between the equation comes Time and Money...huhuhuhuhuu...
PS : Im still fat..and i am aware im fat..and im sick and tired of people telling me im fat..I KNOW IM FAT..and I am bloody well trying to loss all these excess kilos..if only it is that easy and simple...sighhhh..maybe i should try harder eh..i will then..wish me good luck..the only way now is to strictly be on diet..cause as lame as an excuse as it is..i am too bloody busy to exercise..i could barely keeps my eyes open while driving from work at night...the tought of having to do 50 sit ups..or even mounting the 5 stairs up my apartment makes me just wanna puke blood..huhuhuh...these few months i would be working in the City...and i HATE the TRAFFIC JAMS...which added to my already stressful life..ssiiiiggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........