Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Perut Bunyik Bunyik

Some of you might wonder, "Dia nih takdek kerja lain ke?? Asek update blog jek!".. Hehehehehe.. The truth is.. at da moment..saya mmg ngak ada kerja ya.. That's the beauty or ugly (if ur a workaholic) of the Audit world.. Peak period time..you work like crazy..Especially if u got big big client.. (cant name names..hehe..private and confidential)..Kerja From 9am to 9 pm if ur lucky..or 9am to 9am the next morning..if ur not lucky,...hehehe..Since Im free now..im gonna write a long post ahead..so if u dun have work to do like me.. have fun blogging..
The Free Part of Me:
The free part of me wanted to talk about "Available Time" or AT.. Other nick names are Ahmad Tajuddin, AT Berhad.. etc.. Definition : The period of time whereby an auditor doesn't have any booking/audit job. Objective : This is the best time to check ur nearly exploded mailbox (masa bz tak sempat check email sampai sebulan dua), updating your blogs and friendster, doing any self study course or any firm's internal course. However, sometimes when ur unlucky, u only got 1-2 hours of AT, before your're chuck in another audit job..hehehe..kire nye AT nih macam period berehat sekejap la..kengkadang tuh..tengah berehat ade jek manager nak mintak tulung..potong stim btul lah..hehehe..
The Lovey- dovey Part of Me
The Lovey-dovey part of me wanted to talk about guys.. Yesterday, i was having this conversation wif my housemate (Juju) about how hard it is to find a boifren (if u wanted one). My Q to her was, "Susah ke ek nak carik boifren?" Dun get me wrong, this is not to gloat or whatever, just a sincere question from someone who really wanted to know..and my fren answered, " Tak susah kalau taste tak tinggi" or in other words.."tak memilih sangat"..And I totally agreed.. From then on, we entered the 2nd phase of our discussion, "How high is high taste?" (vice versa for not so high taste).. Both of us agreed that a gal has to maintain certain sets of expectation towards a guy/relationship.. For instance, Before or in searching for a perfect (almost perfect maybe since nobody's perfect!) partner, you need to take into consideration at least 3 main points 1) Hensem ke tak (dari mata turun ke hati..hehehe...tapi this is subjektif..hensem ke tak hensem ke terpulang pada mata yg melihat) 2) Personality (Panas baran ke? kaki pukul ke?) 3) Lifestyle (tak semestinya kaya, tapi kalau bulih biarlah yg kerja elok sikit).. okla..actually kalau nak ikut..maybe lebih dpd 3..hehehe..nak kena tengok ..tuh laki org ke tak..boifren orang ke tak.. Cause they're in the HIGH RISK UNCERTAIN RETURN group.. I personally believe that there are things in life that you need to choose..here..your priorities will kick in.. Example: Nak yg kaya tapi tak hensem ke nak yg hensem tapi tak kaya?? Nak yg good boy tapi mummy's boy ke nak yg naughty tapi independent...heheheh..the list goes on..I think we dun have a conclusion yesterday..cause we were busy admiring the newly opened Bread Story franchise in PUCHONG..hehehehe..and then dah sampai dah umah (mase borak borak tgh dalam kereta baru balik from Pasar Malam Bangi)..
THE PAST In my case, i can be considered lucky to have a bf since high school ("gatal"..mak suruh gi sekolah belajar..gi sekolah carik boifren pulak..hehehe).. Since highschool me and LEman met each other..and from then on we just needed to maintained our relationship.. He is also lucky i think..senang gile nak mengurat masa sekolah dulu..he just passed me a "surat cinta"..asking "would you be my girl friday??" ..which made me wanna fly to sky alredi..Nevertheless, i decided to make him waited a few days (actually i alredi know that i wanted to be his girlfren..saje jek suka jual mahal sikit..hhhheheheheh)..I got the letter on Tuesday i think..and i decided to wait until FRIDAY..since he specifically asked me to be his GIRL FRIDAY right??hehhehe..So..selasa rabu khamis tuh semua buat tak reti jek.. Tapi by Khamis (14 April 1998) i think he cant take it anymore.. So we met, for the first time (FIRST DATE la kiranye), at the school library...hahahahahahahahaha... I can still remember that day (I bet he forgot alredi being a normal guy)..He wore a green baju melayu and i wore a bright yellow tudung (how am i supposed to know he nak ajak deting hari i choose tudung kuning striking kan)..and the softboards behind the both of us were the exact colours of our clothing..(pointed out by one of my frens that day).. And he asked me again..would i be his girlfren..?? and i answered YES...hehehehehe..Gile blushing aa that day..me and Leman went from nothing (we didnt start of as a mutual friend) to EVERYTHING.. terus jek couple..baru ler berkenalan sesama sendiri... Tapi dah setahun la jugak dia menyimpan perasaan and aku berangan..hahahaha..cause at that time i haf another "abang muda"...hahahah..back to the "mak suruh belajar bukan carik boifren" thingee eh? That's the early history of the beginning...
THE PRESENT Sekarang nih..pegi mana mana jek..jumpa saper saper jek..semua orang akan tanye.."Bila nak kawen??" huhuhuhuhh..i used to be so stressed and depressed everytime ppl asked me that question..and the fact that more and more of my frens are taking that plunge and those who alredi have are expecting their bundle of joy did not help ease my depression..hehhee.. But now, im more cool.. Im still being asked the "When are you getting married question".. but now i dun feel as depressed anymore (tapi kalau Jue ngan Intan dah kawen and aku STILL belom kawen..mungkin aku akan stress balik kut...hehe).. I am hoping we'll get married.. and im pretty confident we are..but its all the matter of time..So to all my beloved frens out there.. when the date comes.. You'll be in my list okay..hehehe.. To Leman : kalau lagi lambat kawen hantaran lagik banyak tau..sebab inflation...hehehehe...
THE FUTURE The future is unpredictable.. I can only HOPE to be (within 2 years): 1) Less broke .. hehehe 2) Slimmer (damn..my diet of nasi putih and sup ekor are not helping at all..hehhe) 3) A Chartered Accountant (passing my ACCA) 4) A Wife 5) Visiting Bali again The H.U.N.G.R.Y Part of Me The hungry part of me is indeed HUNGRY..... huhuhuh.. I know..i know..im not suppose to say that im hungry while fasting..hehhee.. But i cant help it.. hehhehe... You see, i also faced this problem last year.. I remember vowing that i wouldnt do it again this year..tapi buat jugak ye.. dah padan muke sendiri.. hehehe.. Im talking about "ganti puasa" and in my case.. "ganti puase last minit" ..hehehe.. Dah terpaksa ganti back to back to back.. silap silap sambung terus ngan puasa Ramadhan nanti..hehhehe...
The TIRED part of me
.. Ishk dah la l.a.p.a .. penat plak tuh menaip panjang gile.. hehhee.. The tired part of me wanted to end my blabbing here.. To those who actually took your time to read this..Thank you very much...Have a nice day !!

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