Monday, October 24, 2005


Dah lama dot tak update blog..I've been busy lately..and still busy.. Just finished auditing Rapid KL.. for the whole week, cant even forgot about work..pandang kiri bas Rapid, pandang kanan STAR Rapid..huhuhhu... dah la audit room dia below negative 2 back at ofis.. doing close to nothing..except downloading Hari Raya songs from my frens... hehehe..
Pejam celik pejam celik..dah nak raya dah pon...Tapi dah besar besar nih.. Raya dah tak meriah sangat.. Anyway, since I'm 15 years old, Hari Raya always consist of Me, My Mommy, My Dad, My big Sis, My big Bro and My Opah.. that's it..hehehe.. cuma dapat berkumpul semua jek..My mom and dad both come from a very small family.. I got 1 uncle from my mom side..and another from my dad side..both of which i only see maybe once a year..hahahha...
The tradition is always the same...Raya morning..wake up..mandi sunat hari raya and semayang raya (if can).. Then of to Mama's house (My grandma's jiran actually, i've been calling them mama and papa since i was just a CUTE LIL' BABY who has learn how to talk)..Makan makan..then off to Bidor to my dad's side of family (or what's left of it)...but setahun 2 kebelakangan nih..i rarely follows..cause i got this one second cousin who always show some interest for me..thus making me horribly miserable the whole visit, cause my Sis and Bro who got nuthing better to do, will torture me to death with their neverending "usikan".. So i will just lepaks at Mama's house with my best fren, Sari.. sometimes we go beraya at her frens house..
Then 2nd day of raya.. Our family will go to Ipoh, where my mother's kaum kerabat berkampung... From morning till night, we will attack one house after another.. I used to collect duit raya at this time (but no more la now..silap silap aku plak pokai kena kasik banyak duit raya..huhuhhu)...and normally we'll stay over at My mom's cousin's house, My Wan Wok.. Even though my mom tak ramai sibling..but she has A LOT OF COUSINS..and they are quite close with each other..
3rd day onwards..nothing interesting..mostly just laze around at house..
4th day onwards.. Maybe dah balik Ayer Tawar (my parent's house)..and maybe beraya sket kat sana..
5th day onwards .. Maybe dah kena balik KL balik.. (from previous experience)...hehehehe..BUT THIS YEAR... Im on my stusy leave...which will start right after raya... In fact.. The day after tomorrow (27/10/2005), i will be on my Annual Leave for 2 days (need to study at home, got mock exam on Sunday,..damn im lazyyy)...then 31 Oct, my employer (PricewaterhouseCoopers) so baik hati mau bagi cuti free..1 Nov (Cuti lagik Deepavali)..2 Nov, my employer also bagi cuti free (the Firm will closed down for Deepavali and Hari Raya for 9 straight day, including Sabtu and Ahad)..then 2 hari cuti raya..7 November onwards.. i will start my study leave until the 6 DECEMBER 2005...all in all, that's 6 weeks of LEAVE for me...hehehehhee..jeles tak?? But no need to jeles so much cause i need to study at leave 2 out of that 6 weeks..hehehehe...
Anyway..this time around i wont be focusing too much on i have an even bigger event happening 2 weeks after raya.. i will update on that later ok..
Anyway.. In 2003..I celebrated Hari Raya at Disneyland Paris... with no ketupat rendang or kuih raya..with my beloved Leman and his family...that was the hardest Raya for me..I thougt i could handle it..but being apart from my own family on the morning of Raya is just too much..huhuhuhuhu..make me appreciate them more.. My sista got all the unwanted attention that year..hehehehe...glamer eh Yong.. But i did have a hell lotsa fun for 16 days in London, Paris, Brighton, Scotland and many more that year.. Thanks to My Leman and his family..Muahhs..i love you munchkin.. (PS: Bila nak bawak saya gi jenjalan agik)..
One of my new baju raya (kebaya) suxx..i just got it yesterday..membazir RM55..that would be the last time i'll tailor my dress there..Buat baju gile besar..macam baju pinjam.. tatau la dia yg buduh tatau jahit baju yg dah lar..i didnt mengecil at all this puasa month..not shrinking but may be expanding..hahaha..mana tak nye..asek makan sedap and makan free jek...Last week's menu;
Rabu - Dewan Perdana Felda (wif PwC)Khamis - Chicken Hartz (wif Ija and Juju)Jumaat - Italienniese (wif PwCPSabtu - Westin Hotel (buffet with 150 dishes with My Sis and My Leman) Ahad - Umah Kak Yam (My Leman's Sis and her family and My Leman)Today - Nando's KLCC (wif my beloved PwC frens)
hahahaha..banyak nye aku makan..patut la naik tangga bertingkat tingkat pon gemok jugak..and the worse part is..My Leman dan kurus..ishkkk..takci nihh...nanti dia nampak hensem aku nampak tak ade lebih kurang seminggu untuk kurus..yah right.. (dah teringat Ayam kat Nando's untuk karang..hehehe)
As of now, Im missing my Leman alredi..gonna be at least 3 weeks from now until we'll see each other again..sighh..Esok i have to endure another dragging and boring day at Ofis..can even force my lazy bum to study..that's why i need to take the Khamis and Jumaat's leave..TO ATTEMPT STUDYING AT HOME..sighhh..busannn bangat..aku ngak ada mood nak bekerja atau study..tapi nanti kalau tak study..nanti FAIL...tanakkkkk...
Before i end my long posting here.. I would like to wish all my blog's visitors, My beloved Leman, My Sis (I know my bro and my parents and my Opah are not into blogging..ehhehe)..My beloved frens (the very best of them being (in no particular order)..Juju and Ija (my housemates), Shaz, Irin, Louisa, Alisa, Nizam, Berg, Ihsan, Raf and Ratna), my collegues and all my saudara Islam out there, A VERY BLESSING SYAWAL..

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