Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Engagement

Date : 20 November 2005
Time : 1100 am
Place : Taman Dinding, Ayer Tawar, Perak
After 7 years, 7 months and 6 days, im officially engaged to my brand new fiance..heheheh..
On the night before the ceremony, my house was packed with relatives and frens..7 of my closest frens arrived tonight namely my 2 housemates: ija and juju, my ex-HSBC fren: Dzack, my MMU fren: Skin and my PwC's frens : Shaz, Alisa and Nizam..I am so happy that they are able to share this moment..thank you very much you all..
On the engagement day, i woke up at 620 in the morning..mengantuk siyut..rasa cam nak postpone jek majlis petang sikit..supaya aku leh tido lama sket..hehehe..but i woke up anyway cause takut my mom fulfill her promise to wake me up by "memasukkan seekor cicak kat dalam baju" way im gonna take that risk..Neway..lepas mandi mandi..siap siap..breakfast..its time to get ready..
All my hantaran (19 of them) were brought down and being "susun" nicely..My "mak Andam" for the day was my fren Shaz..she's damn cool and patient, as my room was constantly being filled with my aunties and small cousins..who keep pestering us when are we gonna be done.. by 1030am, i myself started to freak out, as i was still not done wif my make up and are not yet dress..But my "mak andam" just keep her cool and patiently took her time to finish my make up and then help me get dress..
Once done, aku dah rasa sgt sgt nervouz..eventhough its just an engagement, but the were around >200 guests present that day..including about 50 guest from my Fiance's side..demm im 1130am..Leman's side arrive..after the so called "perbincangan"..the family naik atas to sarung cincin..control tak ingat ah..awal awal lagik aku dah di warning oleh mak serta makcik makcik sedara ku supaya jgn nak "menggedik gedik"..or else nanti they will "cubit" terpaksa la mak control ayu time tu nyah..
To cut a long story short..Everything went on so biggest thanks to my beloved parents for making the day so meriah and memorable..
Im now back in KL..trying VERY VERY HARD to study..BUT still am to lazy..hehe..

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