Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Azam Tahun Baru 2006

Some or most of these resolution has been brought forward since..forever....
1) Need to Loss Weight !! (this one is since I'm 17..but seriously..this time i mean it..i AM indeed FAT and becoming FATTER each year..huhuhu..blamed it on those spagettis..and cheese cakes..and stella cereal chocolates..and bbq chicken wings..nasik lemak panas..and all those sinfully delicious foods in the world..huhuhuh)
2) Need to make more money (Since i started working)
3) Need to spend/shop less (Since everytime im feeling broke..hehhee...)
4) Need to be nicer when provoke (this is new)
5) Need to complete my ACCA papers this year.. (this is new)
6) Wanna learn a new languange (everytime i look at Takeshi Kaneshiro..feels like learning Japanaese..everytime i look at some hunky dude with a spanish accent..feels like learning Spanish..and there's french...and mandarin...and hindustani.. OK..maybe i should strike this one out from my resolution list for this year eh?)

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