Sunday, April 08, 2007

Blissful Weekend..

It's been a longgggggggggg time that im having a very stress free weekend like tis one...happy happy..

Yesterday woke up at 1130..went out for lunch at Charms and watched..shit..short term memory lost..can't even remember what's the movie title..the one with jen garner in it..haa..catch and release i tink..neway..i really like the happy ending..timothy oliphant or something is watchable anyway..heheh..then spend the rest of the day..nite and early morning chit chatting..a day very well spent with my long-time-no- see-ex-puchong-housemate Juju and Intan..

Slepppppppppppppzzz..woke up at 330pm!!!..demmit..soooooo overslept..being woken up by a phone call..caller ID --> Daddy!!...shuttttttttt..kantoi lah nanti ngan bakal bapak mentua bgn tido lambat..huhuh..dgn macho nye angkat tepon buat2 suara dah + Leman sayang + my future family in law spend some quality time together gether..At The Curve and then @ 836pm..i'm feeling sleepy alredi...huhuhuh..serius my sleeping patterns is way hay wire for my liking..

Cepatnye monday esok!!

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