Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I Like it Longer..

Some people say "Size doesn't Matter!"
Of course it matters
Everything related to anything will be measured

1) When I look into the mirror
Size I'm hoping for: The "smaller" the better (but in reality you would not always get what you want)..and I'm yet to see a smaller me :P

2) When I check my available bank balance
Size I'm hoping for: The "Bigger" the better (nope..still no luck..most of the time, there will be 1 zero at the back of no. 1 (aka RM10) instead of the many zeroes I'm hoping to see :P

3) When I queue for that certain ice cream every 31st of the month
Size I'm hoping for: The "Shorter" the better (refferinng to the queue)..but most of the time (times when I have more than 1 zero in point #2), the queue are crazy

So, came the final question: "Why I Like it Longer"
- Since I'm still 'not small', I need a bigger phone to capture my own potrait :)
- Since my bank balance is not big, I'm hoping at least my phone is longer :)
- Since that queue is not short, a bigger screen would making waiting easier

And with Longer Chocolat.. I will have longer lasting smile even without the 3 points above..

I do like it longer ;)

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