Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The scare of my life!

Last monday..
Woke up and went to work like usual.
I didn't feel particularly lazy to work last monday cause i already started working since Raya ke-4..

By lunch time..
I'm having a ddiscussion with my collegue.
Admittedly.. I was kinda stress (not with the colleague but with the topic)..
Integrated Assurance Framework in case korang curious.. Hahahha..

Tetiba mase aku tgh bercakap2 tuh.
Aku jadik tergagap gagap..
And can't pronoune my words well..

Aku dah agak panic..
So aku pegi minum air skejap..
Bila nak sambung discuss still aku tak leh nak pronounce dgn betul..
The word that I was trying to pronounce was "process"..

2-3 kali try and i was mumbling crazy..
"Fo less".. "Sel fess". or whatever..
There and then i knew something is very wrong with me..

I told my friend..
Tolong.. Call 911.. (while writing the word` 911 on paper)..
In my panic I remembered telling them I'm having a heart attack..
But actually I really thought I;m having a stroke..

My colleagues were all train on first aid..
So one of them was quick to pull up both my hands on air..
And asked me to breath..

I on the other hand was trying to talk..
Struggling hard to make sure I can pronounce the word "process"
After that i repeat the word "process" 2 kali... Sampai kawan aku suh diam..
Jgn bercakap2.. Suh rilex..
By then I can mengucap and berselawat and baca ayat kursi..
And i started crying by then..

To cut a longer story short..
I had my first ambulance ride.. from KLCC to PrinceCourt Medical Centre..

I've been here for 2 nights already..
The doctors told me what i had was call a mini stroke.. (the term is TIA sila lah google kalau rajin).
It is similar like a stroke.. But whereas stroke effect may linger more than 24 hours..
TIA is shorter span.. and normally within 30 minutes you're back to usual..
In my case i think the episod only lasted few seconds.. but indeed it felt like the longest time..

To date.. I've had more jabs than I could count.. A total of 20 tabung uji of blood extracted and being tested.. Alhamdullillah all results are normal.. Within 48 hours. I've had more test and procedure that I ever imagine i would take.. Especially not on one go anyway..

I've had a chest x-ray.. an ECG (to see the movement of my heart).. a MRI (to see the shape of my brain)..a MRA (to see all the "wires" connecting to my brain).. an ECHO (to see the shape of my heart).. and an EEG (to see the movement of my brain waves)..

Banyak kan..

Cause TIA in young adults are not normal.. and since there's a risk of reoccurence.. my doctors are making sure every single things and aspects are checked.. And I am glad for that.. Cause even now.. I am still scared shitless.,. thinking that I can get it again anytime soon.. and this time maybe not so harmless.. nauzubillah..

Most of my results are cleared.. Nothing wrong with my brain (no stroke detected at bain area).. So now focus kat area jantung plak.. Cause kalau ade clot kat jantung pon  boleh cause stroke.. Hopefully takde apepe.. Doctor pon dah cakap about 40% of TIA in young adults takleh pinpoint what is the causes.. So berdoa jek la no recurrence..

This is a wake up call for me..
This is Allah's way to show me that I have to be more thankful in all that i have in life..
Untuk memperbanyakkan amal ibadat.. Untuk lebih cekal dan tabah menghadapi dugaan and rintangan..

Having said that, I will have to undergone quite a change in lifestyle..
Kena jaga makan.. kena exercise.. kena manage stress..
I'm sharing my story with you so that you guys boleh mengambil iktibar..
Dan mula  mengamalkan cara hidup sihat okay :)

On stress management..
Admittedly I've been unddergoing quite a bit of stress lately..
What with work stress.. Life problems..

I used to rant everything in my blog..
But after the case with the "in-law" blog post tuh.. Terus aku takde selera nak menulis apepe dalam blog.. except for my holiday tales jek..
But i think that's not good.. sebab byk mende aku simpan and pendam sendirik dalam hati..

So from today onwards.. i'm not gonna give a damn..
You can either choose to read what i write..
Or you are most welcome not  to come back here again..

PS: Please pray for my speedy recovery ya. Thanks


. i . n . a . z . said...

takde button like ke? nak like.

kak ina, get well soon.some things memang kena let go. don't overthink. enjoy your life. u r still soo young.

dedalie said...

Alhamdulillah the results came back normal. babe, semoga sihat hendaknya beb, bila dengar citer ko aku pun scared shit koz there's possibility for ppl like me to kena oso huhu

take good care of yourself babe, get well soon!!!! mmuahh mmuaahh i pray for u laling

Sash said...

Am so damn worried tau, even tho kita tak penah pun jumpe. I tak lupa doakan u tiap kali lepas solat since ur last msg kat fb tu. At least u buleh reply cepat, so i tau la keadaan u camne kan. Pls take good care of yourself, jgn stress banyak2, sikit sikit takpe, humban aje suma dalam belog mcm i. Hahahaha. Yg penting, jaga makan :) selamat berehat and speedy recovery!

akong said...


Smoga sihat selalu ye. terkejut dengo ko kena minor stroke bila azham bg tau kat superb81. ha ah, update la blog nih. kalo aku bosan2, bleh la aku baca. get well soon. :)

dot said...

Inaz. Thanks. I will definitely need to work on that stress management thingee after this.

Dedalie.. Thank you doakan iols.. Amik iktibar.. Sila amalkan cara hidup sihat dan jgn stress2. So kena lah kita lebih kerap pegi holiday nampak gayanya kan.. Hehehe.. *Hugs*

Sash.. Aww.. youols buat iols terharu ok..For someone that you've never meet you're just to kind and I'm thankful for your thoughts and prayers.. Sok sok i dah sihat kita boleh arrange coffee session ke for sessi suai kenal gittew. Hehe.. (err.. in between jadual cik puan besar pegi overseas holidays and balik kampung halaman di penang la kan ;))

Thanks Ekong. Iy's only mini stroke not minor stroke tapi menakutkan jugak lah nevertheless. I think it's becoming common to hear young people like us getting stroke and whatnots. Nauzubillah.

Ekin said...


Get well soon. Take Care!

~Ati_Hime~ said...

that's scary..hope u get well soon! :) BTW,prince court tuh..i wonder if i can apply as medical lab tech there..huhu..