Saturday, November 02, 2013

Ibrahim's first..

I have to admit, i no longer have time to blog.
Err.. Strike that.. Make it "I no longer have energy to blog"

Taking care of a newborn is no joke..
Especially for someone yg dah biasa melepak and tido makan bersuka ria sesukati selama 6 tahun perkahwinan. Hahahaha..

Now, in between feeding and changing diapers,
I sleep.
At least my Hiro (and the geng) are still alive and healthy (albeit a little kekurangan kasih sayang. Hehe. Kesian anak Hiro mummy. Ade peluang je confirm datang bermanja).
Hiro still insists to sleep with us tho.
So penuh la katil tu dgn mummy - ibrahim - daddy - hiro kat kaki or sometime berjaya gak naik kat bantal mummy - TumTum kat kaki daddy.
There. Macam nak runtuh katil. Dah la katil queen jek. Hahahah..
Seb baik Charlie agak independent and tak kuasa nak bersesak2 together (he also got 2nd child syndrom. Huhu)

Tetiba nak masuk 4 bulan dah Ibrahim tu.
He has had many of his first.
First cry.
First poo.
First coo.
First kiss (Harus la by mummy ye ;))
First touch.
First smile.
First turn.

And also First-Hospital-Stay!


Masuk hari ni dah 5 malam kitaorg anak beranak camping kat sepital.
Nice sepital with a nice matching view. Huhu.

He got Respiratory S(omething) Virus (RSV) which cause him to have Bronciolitis (or something that sound like that). 
Alhamdulillah no more fever but he's still wheezing plus bad coughing.
Every he coughs it breaks my heart (over and over again cause he coughs over and over again. Huhuhu)
But alhamdulillah other than that he's still his happy go lucky self but his mood can change faster than perempuan yg tgh period first day. Huhuhu.
Extra manja i tell you. 

Im typing this post super fast you see.
Nowadays i also eat super fast, kencing super fast, mandi superfast.
Everything la super fast. Hehe.
Ibrahim's sleeping on his daddy now. 

Please pray for Ibrahim's speedy recovery ya.
Thank you everyone.

Have a long weekend ahead (kalau youols amik cuti hari senin la kan)

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