Friday, May 14, 2004

its weekend again

friday..friday.. yeay..yeay.. at dis moment.. dot tgh pening.. i got too many plans.. and its all mixed up.. diff places.. diff people.. aiyooo.. camner nih.. can't decide what i wanna do.. sabtu ke ahad.. ahad ke sabtu.. dem..tgh tader keje.. tapi kene naik buat buat bz balik.. have a nice weekend.. actually.. there's still something bothering me all this while.. i just can't find the correct person that i tell honestly (not even ayong sbb nanti dier condemn me..hehehhe) .. hope this problem will end soon.. but i dun think i want it to end.. confuse confuse!!

p/s: slamat pengantin baru buat kak jolie.. (sorri terlambat sket sbb susah nak up to date tader internet nih.. huhu).. smoge berbahagie selamanye..

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