Friday, April 15, 2005


berpp..alhamdulillah..kenyang peyut den..makan mengalahkan anak gajah..neway..i sure am fat..byk gile baju and jeans tak muat..huwaaaaa...sedey nye..takpe takpe..lepas nih kita diet (i always change my mine on dieting bila tgk makanan sedap sedap)..


Yesterday marked the 7th Aniversary of Dot and Leman..surprisingly, everything went well so thankful he didnt try to do anything tak kelakar langsung(macam tak jadik balik kl) ..hehehe..Lepas balik keja semalam..(dot kluar pintu tepat kul 5:32 ok)..bersungguh sungguh gumbira dpt balik awal.. skali ader land slide plak kat puchong..pukul 630 jugak baru sampai.. tuh pon leman dah tunggu setengah jam..then..masa dot sampai kat parking..leman dah tunggu..siap ade bunga sejambak dah happy rasa nak loncat loncat dah (last time dpt flowers masa graduation May 2005 hari tuh..huhuhuhu..) even tho i dun really like flowers, but i likegetting them once in a while..terasa macam special..hehehe..

then masa tunggu dot bersiap untuk dinner..leman bagi kad, buah jambu 2 kilo..buah mangga 2 kilo..dan barang barang CNI.. hehehhe.. then dia kata tuh jek..later bila dot buat buat merajuk (serius buat buat tau..since i myself pon takbagi apepe kat dia..not even a card)..then he presented me a rantai sweet (he deserve this credit)..he never bagi dot something like that before..actually i was expecting a set of japanese movie yg harga Rm1++.. dah tgk dah when i get the rantai.. i was so very very happy.. cos i know he hates shopping..and imagining him alone in kedai emas was a priceless thought..

but started to feel guilty..sebab dot tak belikan dia apepe langsung..but he say he dun mind (i really believe he dun mind..but dot still feels guilty..but to guys out there..when a girl says she dun are actually in BIG TROUBLE).. but i will buysomething for him tomorrow..i kept on asking him semalam..what he wants.. (i already belanja the dinner at Chilis..but i ifeel like giving him something to mark the 7 years) at last..he said he wanted a cermin mata..

He's MLM is going quite smoothly..apparently, i would say that being a mommy's boy to a mommy who's involve in 17 years of politic has its benefit..and he's gonnaattend an interview this 21/4.. good luck munchkin..thank you for all your love..although sometimes u really can make me wanna throw out of the window from the 17th floor..hehehehe...
Actually, being together for 7 years is quite long..most of the times we're happy..but sometimes we fight (especially lately)..however, i do love him...and him me..and i hope that we'll be together forever..i just haf to tolerate him being a mommy'sboy..and he just has to tolerate me being me (believe me im not "kiut" at all when im provoked or angry)..

Wish us luck..

Ps: Leman, i love you..more than you could ever imagine..happy 7th aniversary..

Pps: Sapa tak hantar TAx form lagik..sila buat segera.. Dot tgh kerja kat Kelana Brem Tower, KJ.. so hehari tgk ramai gila org dtg kat LHDN..

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