Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Life is good!

Life is good at the moment..Im currently am a volunteer at Rumah Juara..Located near my house (as compared to WSD yg jauh di hujung tanjung itu)..kul 9 start keja..kul 11 rehat..sampai kul 2..kul 2 masuk balik..sampai kul 4..leh balik umah..*sigh..* syoknye..hehehhe..but its gonna end soon.. then its back to working life (which i kinda missed too)..
I am currently a Tadika Teacher (seperti yg dipanggil oleh anak anak muridku)..kelas pagi..14 org budak budak kecik..antara umur 4 hingga 6 tahun..first day dot join Rumah tuh..pening jugak nak handle bebudak tuh semua..last last.. dot jugak yg kena buli oleh mereka.. they are soooooo naughty at times..confirm aku tanak beranak sampai 14..hahahah..but they are too adorable most of the time.. dah jumpa solution paling best..rasuah diorang dgn sweets and junk foods..hahahaha..
gonna have another annual dinner coming soon..masquerade..still thinking of what i shud be..
Watched "Ungu Violet" and "Gol & Gincu" lately.. "UV" agak slow dan membusankan..tapi tetap buat dot jatuh chenta dgn soundtrack dia..heheh..Gol and Gincu not bad at all..i actually enjoy watching..terus rasa nak main futsal..anyone else interested?
Dot currently sgt sgt jatuh cinta dgn fahrin ahmad..*sigh...* so does hundred of other gals out there ait?? hehehe..
Counting the days for my trip to Bali..with my beloved Leman and my beloved family..Leman would have to stay in one room with my father..hahahahah..i'll update later after the trip ok..

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