Sunday, July 17, 2005

24th Birthday!!

Yesterday marked the 24th year of my life..Happy Birthday to me..It was a happy day indeed..At least this year my beloved is with me..Unlike last year..i'm wif well as wif some 20 others of HIS immediate family members..Not that i mind spending some time wif them..but on my besday? u've got to be kiddin' me huney..huhuhu..Neway..back to reality...This so happy to be 24..i know i'd be happier if i could stay 21 forever..heheheh...Leman still owe me my present..since i still cant make up my mind on what i wanted..pretty much got everything at the moment.. except for lots and lots of cash ler..hahaha...Wouldnt mind to be lavish wif more cash at this moment (or any other moment im sure)We're supposed to go out for a romantic dinner..But 2 of my close frens (Shaz and Irina) insisted that we met up..At first i thought they were in some sort of trouble..They wouldnt tell me anything..But after much persuasion or might be they surrender on mere irritation..They said they wanted to bring me out for makan makan..Leman gave his approval.. for me to have fun wif the gals..Earlier, dot and Leman and Ayong hang out at OU..Had lunch at Yoshinoya (Leman belanja).. and then we went bowling and also managed to enjoy 2 games of pool (dot menang..heheheh..not that dot terer..tapi dot rasa Leman yg tak terer)..Then we went back to Puchong to wait for my frens..who promised to pick me up at 6..At 7..baru lah kawan kawan ku datang...There was knocking on the mmg tak kunci cause they alredi informed me they have arrived..So when i opened the door..SURPRISED...!!! There they were.. Shaz, Irin, Mr Macho (self proclaimed) and Ms Nizam...all crowding at my door step..completed wif a birthday cake (or 6 pieces or multi coloured cakes to be exact)..Later, Nami (Mr Macho's fren) joined us..Irin made us Mee Siam yg sedap.. complete dgn kain seperah sekali,..macam picnic dalam rumah plak rasanye..Thank you very much my beloved frens..And also thank you to all of my frens that wishes me..Leman.. Thanks for everything..I would trade my almari pakaian (believe me its fully furnished..hahaha) to be wif you always..hahahha.. missing you alredi..

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