Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy V-Day

Tomorrow is V-day..or for's my monthly anniversary again..
This time of the year, i would be getting a lot of fwd mails about the history of St. Valentine..and they said that ,that's a reason enuf not to celebrate it by any muslims..
However, ever since me and my leman has been together, we always cherish every 14th date of the month..thus, if it co-incidentally falls on valentine day..we will also celebrate it..some years i got flowers..some years i got cards..some yeaRS i got chocs...but every year i got lots and lots of loves...
However, this year i wont be getting fact..i'll be what im doing right 1058 at kinda suxx tho...i'm really struggling to balance my work life and social life...seb baik my leman pon tak boleh nak balik kl to celebrate this so call "Hari Memperingati Kekasih"..kalau tak mesti aku sakit hati kena keja and takleh candle light dinner...or ever dinner at Kentaki Fried Ciken..
To My Fiance : Happy 94 month anniversary baby...lots of lurves, hugs and kisses...muaahhhsss...

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