Friday, February 17, 2006

Whining & More Whining :P

Siggghh...ssiggghhhh again...and again and again and again...
For weeks..i haven't had the oppurtunity to not work on saturday..thus, today and tomorrow i will really cherish my the occasional business calls from my client contact in Kota all the questions and ever growing outstanding list of work to be the ever nearing crazy datelines...deemmmmmmiiittttt....okay..maybe i lied...even on my suppose to be beautiful weekend also i cant rest well..head keeps thinking this and that...hati tetap tak tenang..aiyohhhh...baru tadik mase aku tgh breakfast kat McD ngan my Leman..client aku call..sebab kat Kelantan working day arinih...aiyoohhhh...i need a break...even my housemate is complaining...siggghhh...cepat lah diorang sain account..cepat aku leh hidup dgn aman...
Every day..bgn pagi gi keja...balik keja tido..nak tukar baju basuh muka semua pon tutup sbelah mata..kepala letak bantal..GONE...hahahahah...macam pakai suis otomatik daa..
now im typing away at CC again..trying desperately but not keep thinking about work..demmit..aku dah jadik one of those workaholic and pathetic loser yg tak leh balance work and life..huhuhhu...only when im with Leman did i managed to forgot work for a while..except when the client called tadik..
En. A : Halo..Zarina..figure yg awak bagi nih lari lah RM100.. kenape eh?/
Aku yg tgh makan Big Breakfast @ McD : ..bla..bla..bla..manage to tell him where the mistake is even without my beloved second brain (laptop), bla bla bla...
En. A : haa..yg nih Profit and Loss jadik RM (im not listening)..
Aku yg tgh minum kopi @ McD : aaallaaa..saya takle hafal figure tuh.. kalau semua saya hafal must be something wrong somewhere tuh..hehehe..saya tgh deting lah nih En. A..kacau daun betul lah you nih.. hahahaha..
En. A : gile ape deting kul 11 pagi.. (penduduk kelantan jarang deting awal awal pagi kat Mc D offence to any Kelantanese readers)..
Now, thanks to him..i can't continue my beautiful day with a peace of mind..Leman pon dah balik..cos he got work later (sigh..we often had clashing working hours)..but we're meeting again for dinner later..and i tot of going to Istana Budaya for PGL The Musical..see la how..tah ader tiket lagik ke tidak nih..
Gile pening aa bau bauan yg dtg drpd mat mat "bangsa tidak diketahui" tapi bukan bangla nih...rasa nak muntah balik big breakfast aku tadik..
Sorry for such a whining post..ehehehe...Have a nice and wonderful weekend..

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