Wednesday, February 07, 2007


uhuhuhuhu...stress level still tahap merbahaya nih! jerawat kat dahi tumbuh silih berganti..satu hilang..2 mari..2 hilang..4 mari!! huwwaaa...canne nak cun sebelom 3/3 nih...huhuhuh...
Weekends schedule dah susun pack sampai next next next next week..treasure hunts, engagements, datings, outing, planning and the most dreaded one --> WORKING!!
Raf dah ader (R) dah kat Retain..ishk...sampai ati nak tinggalkan aku..makin kurang sumber inspirasi nak stay kat firm..but there's still shaz, nizam, louisa and berg to keep in company in this misery..hahahah..
My Fiance never say anything about me and my work..but that day i said something about still becoming an auditor during my 30s..and he sort of freak out and said that i should consider something more grounded and 8-5 kind of things...huhuhhu..i wish baby..i wish...The top of my list is still being a rich man wife..wink wink...But i dun think i could stomach more audit work for the next fews least not in Malaysia..
Im sort of having an emosional breakdown nowadays..the smallest thing/crisis could trigger me to bouts of mood swings and crying..demmit..dah semakin lemah nih..
Got loads more to do..and my motivation level yesterday is about 10%..but last nite when i know i have to work this significantly drop to -50%..if it drop to somemore to -100%...maybe i should consider writing a nice letter to buy me a (R) in the retain too kan..
Siiiggghhh...this is what i call pathetic..not being happy and not being able to do anything..
At least love is in the air in February...but as for me..the more preparations we're making for our big day..the more fights we seem to be getting ourselves into..huhuhuh...

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