Thursday, February 22, 2007


Nope..still no sign of my result...uwwaaa...sampai bilakah aku harus menderita sebegini...uhuhuhhuh..nak tunggu result sampai dalam mail box aku all the way from UK..alamat tak leh fokus ler aku 2 minggu..uhuhhu..lagik cepat aku tau lagik bagus..lagik cepat aku leh get over sebarang perasaan depress dan sedih..then can get ready for the next round..hahahah..soooo not true...

At the moment..dont feel like doing a lot of things..can get easily irritated..and distracted..actually most of the things i dun feel like doing is only working...hahahah..
Things on top of my list;

- To spend quality time with my fiance this weekend.."Munchkin, quality time includes buying the Akon CD that your fhat but adorable fiancee wants yah!!"hehehe..
- Habiskan survivor all stars..
- Greys Anatomy season 3 episod 17..diikuti dgn latest episod of heroes, prison break, desperate housewives, the class, ugly betty..
- to watch kyle XY..tapi kakak aku tanak downloadkan....huuhuhhu..
- to attend kursus kawen..sape nak ikot angkat tangan?
- to loss substantial weight before 030307..berangan lah terus cik zarina...orang diet tak dinner grill ciken burger McDonald tau..hehehe...ok least before 070707...
- to destress --> cepatlah hilang perkampungan jerawat atas dahi nih..kalau tak terpaksa mak andam aku kerja overtime...hahaha..
- to lepak and just chill out with my frens..
- to just get over and done with my bloody missing in action ACCA result..still hoping for 50-50 though..
- to hire Shaz to do the review on the bloody defered tax sections for all my clients..huhuhhu..deferred tax is equivalent to lipas in my life --> both i hate..dah belajar berapa kali pon still lembab semacam...hahahaha...nih mesti tertelan byk semut tahun lepas nih..
- to sleep without having to set my alarm..

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