Friday, March 09, 2007

Miss Independent

As manja as i would like myself to be..i can be independent whenever i choose to be as well..which is most of the time..

My good frens regards me as a person who would easily panicked..
hehehehe..yerp...100% true..back in the Uni days..i would make a list of all the datelines that i have to make..and fret over them for fear i would not be able to meet them..lucky for me, never once did i experience not meeting my Uni datelines..

Now it flows thru work..those Uni assignment seems picisan as compared to my work datelines..especially during this peak period..
As menggelabah as i far i always managed to meet my least die trying...hahaha...

Since i am a true easily gelabah kind of girl..that's why i associate myself around "chill" and calm individuals..growing dad is always there for me..even now he's still my pillar of strenght..sometime, even he's miles dire circumstances..i just needed to hear his voice and everything would seem better...(but it always involves some crying first lah kan)..hehehe..

Now, im lucky to have another such "cool" and "calm" man (except if it involves any spiders..hehehe)..kalau spider alamat kita jerit pekik lah sesama ok darling..and if leman's not there, i could always count on my few closest frens to back me up mentally and morally..

tapi i could also can be as strong and independent as circumstances allowed..
cembeng cembeng jugak..macho macho jugak many of you girls..especially those with boifrens or fiance or husband..has ever sent your own car to the workshop to mend your broken window?? or wait for the tow truck in the middle of nowhere..??or went to file an accident report to the police and later claimed your insurance by yourself?? hahahah..banyak nye masalah dah kereta aku tuh..

I LOATH "lipas"...if there's anybody else around (with exception of my darling sister cause she's equally pengecut like me..hahah)..i'll always asked the other person whoever that might be (most of the time my cousin Sari or my brother Boy) to squash them..make me see the "bodies" even before i consider coming back into the room..but kalau dah takde sesape around..jerit pekik lah aku bunuh sendirik...hehehe..end result..lots of screaming and swearing in the middle of the night plus a dead lipas body...huhuhu..

Masa dapat berita mak dah meninggal dulu..aku tgh assigment kat Seremban..berjurai jurai air mata tuh..setengah jam jek dah sampai puchong balik..kalau tak cukup strong mau tak lalu nak pegang stereng kereta pon okay..

But, as strong and as independent as i could or would or have to is always better to have someone i could count on..sometimes, nak gak manja manja kan..i would like to thank each and every important person that make my life meaningfull..i hope i could count on you (more than 1) whenever i needed you, and believe me when i say you could always count on me too..

PS: Lupa nak cerita..result ACCA dah kuar..3 Fail 1 jek Pass... uuuwwwaaa....sedeyyyyyyyyyyy...mak fail paper audit lagik nyeh..masuk nih dah 3 kali dah nih..mau muntah darah kaler purple bila tgk lagik skalik notes tuh nanti...huhuhu..bulan 6 nih exam lagik..tapi bulan 7 nak kawen dah..tatau ler leh concentrate ke idak nak exam nih..kot dah asek berangan nak kawen maybe i'll just do my audit paper this round..and save the other 2 final paper for December..Wish me luck!

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