Friday, June 10, 2011

My Father in Law

.. suffered a stroke last wednesday..
He's still in ICU ever since..
So far his progress to recovery is still slow..
Slower than what the doctor would have like..(definitely what we would have like too)..
Yesterday, nearly 24 hours after the stroke attack, he's still unconscious..
He can only open his eyes briefly when we called his name, but still unable to response.
It breaks my heart seeing him so fragile like that..
Cause i love him as much as i do my own Abah..
It breaks my heart further seeing my husband's face wreck with worry..
I hope he'll be strong di saat menghadapi ujian Allah begini..
Only hopes and prayers i can offer..
ikut kan hati, i myself will be crying histerically..
But i know i need to be strong for my husband..
and Be strong for my mother in law..
And based on past experience..(mase arwah my mom sakit)..
The only way to "act" strong is to not over think anything..
Always keep myself busy..
I pray hard for his speedy recovery..
Please pray for him too ya..
To Daddy: We love you and still needs you here with us.. Please don't stop fighting.. Together we pray for your recovery..
Allah yg memberi penyakit.. semoga Allah jua lah yg menyembuh kan penyakit.. Amin..


Noraishikin Mohd Salleh said...

moga bapa mertua akak cepat sembuh, insyaallah. be strong!

Farina said...

Major or minor stroke ek Dot? Hope he get well soon! Insya-allah, doa banyak2.

iekaz said...

praying for his speedy recovery.. amin!

dedalie said...

semoga dia cepat sembuh..amin..