Monday, September 19, 2011

19 September 2011: Happy Birthday Mak

Just typing the date made me all teary..
Since morning I've been 'berlinangan air mata"
Update fb status pon sedih.
I was equally sad/ upset whenever i see her name "Zaliha binti Bidin" on the tombstone..
6 years passed by, but it only seem like last week she was gone..
So deep was the wound.
She's a great EVERYTHING..
A great mother.. (altho when i was growing up, there are times that i feel like i nak lari dari umah.. heeheh)
A great cook.. (i really really miss her cooking)
A great friend (she really does not choose who she befriend.. from sedara mara, jiran jiran.. even orang gile kat pekan Ayer Tawar pon dia tegur jugak.. serius tak tipu.. huhuhu)
Even a great dictator.. (hehe..sorry mother :P)
The list goes on..
You won't know just how MUCH you will miss your mother, until you actually loss her..
Nobody even come close to replace my mother..
Not my mother in law.. definitely not my step mom.. Not even my grandma..
Although i do love them too being their own self..
So for those of you who is still bless with a mother, do cherish them..
I'm sure at times they'll drive you crazy.. But when they're gone, you will actually wish they're still here to drive you crazy.
To mak, thank you for being my wonderful mother for 25 years..
I wish it could have been longer.. but who am i to question Qada' dan Qadar..
Happy birthday..
And you will be remembered as long as i live.


Anonymous said...

Al fatihah.. untuk Arwah Mak. Jasanya besar tetap tidak kita lupakan.
Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat atas rohnya dan tempatkan dia bersama2 roh orang2 yg beriman..Amin!!

Syukur kehidrat Illahi kerana dot masih dikelilingi orang2 yg menyayangi anda.
Ambo yatim piatu..hek hek

dot said...

Yatim piatu apo nyo? Ambo kan ado? huhu. Bile nak datang KD? Hiro dah rindu. hek hek

Noraishikin Mohd Salleh said... utk arwah mak kak ina..