Sunday, June 17, 2012

A note for my Dad

Today is father's day..

Actually, as far as i remember, we don't really celebrate father's day (or mother's day for that matter)..
Our family focus more on birthdays and anniversaries..
But that doesn't mean that i love or appreciate my Abah any less..

I am lucky to be born into a loving family..
My dad was always there when i needed him..
He was the "good cop".. hehehe..

Being the yougest.. or cos la aku paling manja kan dgn abah kan..
I still remember.. Dulu2 setiap kali hari rabu ade pasar malam dekat taman.
And everytime pon aku akan tunggu abah balik pukul 6 petang untuk mintak RM5 nak pegi pasar malam.. (or was it RM10? hehe) .. Err.. kalau takde pasar malam pon aku tunggu abah balik jugak ok :P
He was in the navy.. and he would look so dashing in his navy suit..

My dad is a cool and sporting dad..
As long as you do not cross the lines that he draws..
Me being notty young, adelah jugak kena rotan kecik2 dulu.. hehe..

One thing i would not do is asked him maths questions..
He would turned from being a patient dad to a garang teacher..
Terus 1 x 1 pon aku jawap 2.. hahahahha..
So thank god for my awesome maths teacher at school..

As far as i can remember..
Dari dulu sampai sekarang.. I can always talk to my dad..
He would always say the right things to me..
Or at least he would say the things that i would like to hear..

Dulu2 sebelom kawen..
When i got any problem.. I would always call him first..
Even when arwah mak was still around, even she know this..
"Hello, mak. Abah ade?"
And without delay she would pass the phone.. Huhu..

And upon hearing my dad's "Hello"..
I almost always immediately broke into tears..
But after our conversations, the problem seem less burdensome..

Even now that I'm married.. I still consult him regularly..
But now i have Leman for my mundane problems so takyah la nyusahkan Abah dah kan.. hehe..

Our family was not rich.. But neither are we poor..
Whatever i want in life, my dad would try his best to get it for me.. (I'm a good dotter too.. I don't asked for things outside his budget you know.. hehe).. Ehem.. okla.. very seldom la outside his budget.. hehe..
And kalau makan.. if he knows that i really like the food.. he would always offered his portion to me..

If I wanted to list one by one about my dad's awesomeness..
Sampai besok pon tak abes youols..

To Abah..
Happy father's day..
Thank you for always being there for me..
For being a great dad.. (i couldn't have asked for a better one)..
For your love and guidance..
And most importantly.. for being my dad..
May Allah grant you with good health and happiness always..

-Youngest Daughter-


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Anonymous said...

Hai dot.. Sejuk qalbu abah kamu.
Will continue being ur "super dad" (Dulu ,sekarang dan selama2nya).
Keep it up. Terangkat!! hek hek

~Ati_Hime~ said...

I miss my dad.. :(