Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to the world

It's been so longgg since i last update kan..
Life has been busy..

With work..
With love..
With sleep..
(banyak lagik alasan nih.. hehhehe)..

Anyway.. On 27 May 2012..

I got my 1st niece (my side of the family)..



She's the most adorable little thing i've ever see (Yes. Bias Aunty speaking.. heheheh)

She was earlier than expected..
Only the previous night, i was "talking" to her inside her mommy's tummy..
She was doing somersault then.. hehehe..

Mase tu Aunty dia nak pegi Bangkok ujung minggu tu (Bangkok was awesome by the way.. But I dun even bother updating sebab langsung takde gambar.. whatever spare time was use to SHOP.. hehe)..
So back to little Zara's story..
I literally said to her.. "Bila nak kuar ni? Kuar la cepat sikit before Aunty Ina gi Bangkok"

Next morning terus dapat phone call from my brother who said his wife is in labour..
To cut a long story short.. After some complication.. Zara was successfully delivered into this world through C-Sec... Yang penting semua nye selamat.. Alhamdulillah..

Since she's the first anak sedara and also first cucu of the family..
EVERYBODY is wrap around her little fingers.. hahahha..

Aunty Ina now has a real valid reason to go shopping for baby's clothes.. (which I've done several times at this juncture.. hahahha)..

Welcome to the world baby Zara..

-Aunty Ina-

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