Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time to say goodbye: Autumn in Europe 2012

It's been a super awesome stress free 14 days..
And tomorrow morning we'll bid goodbye to Paris (for now ;))

I anticipate to have a very very busy and hectic days ahead upon reaching tanahair tercinta.. ecewah..
Orang bersusah susah dahulu bersenang2 kemudian kan..
Aku balik nanti dah panic nak kena study for exam..
(I'm hoping for a miracle btw :P)

Whyyy did i so miang registered myself when I'm obviously not ready eyh?
It's just the guilt. Yup, blame the guilt.
I keep reminding myself takkan la sanggup nak spend duit beli handbegs baru tapi tak sanggup nak spend sikit utk exam fee? 
Yup, like I said, "miang!"
I shud use the money to buy (another) handbag instead no? Hehehe

Anyway, while waiting for my Just Back Report (JBR)..
Yang hopefully takde la sampai tahun depan kan.. hehehe..
Needless to say, I need to sort hundreds of pictures..
Itu belom actually needing to upload and menaip lagik tu kan.. Huhu..
But I will get them done sooner or later..
Cause I love sharing my holiday tales..
(plus blog pon dah agak berabuk kan :P)

So, sementara tu I've select some pictures to wet your appetite..
Bon Appetit! :)

Day 1..first stop (although technically it's our 2nd stop since we landed in Schipol Int Airport, Amsterdam) is Antwerp, Belgium..

Then we made our way to Brussels, Belgium.. Where we had our Belgium Waffle.. Sanggup tu sejuk2 makan aiskrim.. Hehe..

Day 2-4 was for exploring Amsterdam.. Loveeee this city..

Where we visit windmills.. (eh tak nampak plak windmills dlm picture nih kan.. hehehe)

Clogs.. or cakap org melayu nye terompah.. Tapi terompah diaorang nih cantik la lagik daripada terompah Opah kat kampung tuh kan.. hehe..

Then we move on to Rome, Italy..
We fall head over heels with this beautiful city.. The Eternal City :)

Sepanjang kat sana, asek la rakyat jelata diorang nih buat "manifesto" = tunjuk perasaan.. Aku rase sampai org2 keliling dia pon dah takde perasaan tgk tunjuk perasaan nih.. Huhuhu..
 The above picture was during our Private Segway Tour.. Just the 2 of us with our own guide..

Before we left Rome, confirm la kena pegi Vatican City kan.. Vatican Museum is the only museum that we entered sepanjang our honeymoon in Europe.. Museum2 lain tu pegi amik gambo kat pintu depan jek.. Baik iols tawap shopping malls daripada iols tawap museum youols! Hehe

Then we move on to Florence.. Tak tido pon.. just lalu and singgah mainly for my shopping spree..
Masa nih kira dah menggigil dah tak tahan nak shopping.. hahahha.. Mase kat Amsterdam and Rome tu shopping sikit2 je okay..

Sengih sampai telinga.. In total iols sambar 7 handbags.. Obviously bukan la semua Prada weih.. Kang aku sama dok sebelah pemintak2 sedekah yg bersepah kat Europe nih.. Huhuhu..

Since dah sampai Florence, sempat gak la jalan2 tgk pekan dia.. This is the Duomo.. My personal faveret!

And then we were in Venice.. Alhamdulillah selamat gak sampai Venice.. Hampir2 nak cancel sbb org and news kata banjir la ape la.. Mujur tak dgr cakap org without doing our own research..

From Venice we fly to Paris.. touch down kat airport, and straight pegi Disneyland..

It's like Dejavu.. as we've been here 7 years back.. But it is still as awesome as ever..

We were here for 4 nights.. and we had access to both parks for 5 days.. Walaupon kitaorg masuk 2 days aje sbb tak cukup mase nak explore the rest of Paris city..

Mr Mann and his Minnie.. xoxo..

And last but not least..

 Eiffel I'm so in love~

So that's the end of our Autumn honeymoon..

7 Cities..
6 take offs/ landings..
5 hotels..
4 Countries..
3 luggage bags.. 
2 lovers..

And ONE hell of an adventure :)

Will tell you more about them later okay.


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