Friday, March 01, 2013

oh baby

Today we got to see our baby again.

Tapi mcm tak puas jek sbb rase mcm kejap sgt.
Doctor still tak dpt nak confirm the gender.
Oh well, maybe next month.
Mummy is not in a hurry. Believe it or not i can still control myself in shopping for my baby's stuffs. Hehe. Err.. But i've bookmarked the online shops and with the shopping carts semua dah berclick. Hahahaha.

Anyway. Doctor tanye.. "Do you want a boy or a girl".
As cliche as i sounded, i answer him honestly straight from my heart. "I dont mind Dr as long as its healthy :).

I am not kidding you. Allah had granted me my wish and i this is not a time for me to be picky. I am ever so thankful that im blessed with this pregnancy, and i will gladly and humbly accept this gift be it a girl or a boy.

To be continue.

"i honestly don't mind doctor as long as its safe and healthy

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jonny said...

Insyallah.. Amin..
Syukur atas segalanya :)