Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dot's Baby Shower

I actually dun know where to begin.
So much has happened these past few weeks.

When we thought everything is going so well, we found out another complication with this pregnancy
 (Next post maybe kalau aku rajin). To cut a long story short, I was preparing to do some last minute baby shopping Ahad 2 minggu lepas. (i have been on bedrest (again) for that whole 1 week so the only shopping i get to do was thru online. Huhu).

Anyway, sebelom kuar umah, Leman dapat call yg nenek dia kat Johor sakit tenat (so the whole family was on standby). He looked so miserable so I was asking him okay ke nak proceed kuar gak ni.. (On a different note, that might be our last last minute baby shopping cause the doctor has asked us to be on standby to deliver by end June. And of cos we're not 100% ready sbb ikutkan EDD lambat lagik. So of cos i wanted to do some last last minute shopping. Huhu) Tapi sbb iols tau Leman susah hati and takde mood (iols pon kalau tak desperate takde la nak kuar jugak kan). Tapi Leman bagi green light untuk kuar, so out we went.

He's planning to balik kampong first thing tomorrow morning lps pick up his sister kat KLIA. So i was pestering him to change his car tyres. By then i was so hungry and mengidam nak makan Tony Romas ribs.

Husband: Sayang. Kita makan pizza la nak?
wife: Taknak lah. Tghr ni kita makan ribs la. Malam kang kita makan pizza ok.

He was driving and i wasn't paying attention until dia masuk area pizza hut KD..

Wife: Nak gi mana ni husband? Kata nak pegi workshop?
Husband: Nak pusing.

But then he stopped depan pintu pizza hut.

Wife: Apsal u berenti? Jalan la. 
Husband: *dah takde idea nak menipu* Turun kejap sayang
Wife: Aa. Nak buat ape. Jom la cepat kata nak mkn ribs.
Husband: Turun la kejap. Ayong nak pass barang.

By then i knew something was going on already.
Tapi bila masuk pizza hut, the ppl inside was as surprised as me.
hahaha.. caused i arrived a tad too early. 
Mase tu yg ade only Ayong and her fren/ party co-organizer plus 1 of my fren and her husband.

So end up lps tu iols yg sambut semua org datang. Hehe.

Thank you very much to my husband and my sister for organizing this surprise baby shower for me. (It has been plan way before we knew of our latest pregnancy complication). Sbb after knowing the complication, mmg takde mood la nak party ke hape. huhu. But i'm so glad they plan and organized the whole thing for me cause I get to spent some time with most of my long-time-no-see good friends/ jumpa hari2 good friends/ family.

I did not take any picture at all using my phone during the event. So any pictures are courtesy of my frens' camera.

I had loads of fun during that day. Thank you very much utk semua yg datang hari tu.
Extra thank you untuk my husband and my sister + org kuat dia (kak reena). 
You guys rocks!

Back home..

Husband: Owh. Penat nyeeee la nak organized baby shower nih. 

Hahahaha. I think for him it's more of a mental challenge to keep secret from me for 2 weeks. Hahaha. Most of the heavy lifting/ planning was done by my sister anyway. (I.e. deco, door gift, cake, invite etc)
And this is my husband's first baby shower. For his own baby :)

Ps: I am still pregnant and have yet to give birth as at date. Baby dot is doing great (still high risk tapi insyaAllah dgn izin-Nya maybe we'll get to full term after all. Amin)

Pps: Nenek Leman has recovered too. Alhamdulillah.


jonny said...

aku ingat ko dh bersalin.. sila update cepat2 ok.. tak sabar..
well.. take care too..


tim-mystic-crafts said...

Me doakan semua ina & baby selamat, insyaallah! xoxo from Tim in Kyoto! :)