Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Pregnancy vs. Cats

This is an interesting (and sometimes bikin kasik hati gue panas! :P) topic for me..

We have 3 cats..
We adopted Hiro about 3 months after we got married..
So Hiro is basically our "first baby" :)
And then we adopted Charlie 2 months later untuk bagi Hiro geng..

After 1 year of marriage..
Still takde rezeki Hiro and Charlie nak dapat adik (manusia) baru.. Hehe..

Honestly sebelum 1 year tuh mmg tak terpikir langsung pon..
Kitaorg pon mase baru kawen dok cakap "kita rilek2 la enjoy dulu"..
Haa.. amik kau.. Dapat terus extended honeymoon.. Hehehe..
Not that we didn't enjoy every single moment of our extended honeymoon phase pon kan..

But after 1 year.. we seek professional/ medical help..
Just utk buat baseline check je pon..
Semua clear alhamdulillah.. Cuma belom ade rezeki..


But we don't see the need to advertise hal umah tangga kitaorg.. So orang pon tatau la and tak perlu la amik tau kan.. But mana boleh nak control cakap2 orang.. By then (ironically it's always the wife that gets all the unwanted advices kan.. Huhu) some of my aunties start putting ideas into my head that "bela kucing susah dapat anak"..

The only thing that they achieve from that (even tho i knew their intentions might be good) was to upset me.. more than one occasion I cried to Leman when I convey this message to him.. I didnt cried because I lambat dapat anak.. but i cried thinking why people are so cruel to my cats.. What have they ever done to them.. They are being punished for being cute and cuddly.. and give us unconditional love and friendship..

Lucky my husband is awesome..
So after a few occasion we decided to ignore (as much as we can on these unwanted advices).. I swear never once did i blame my cats or believe this superstition.. Both of us strongly believe that anak rezeki daripada Allah and only Allah can grant that wish..

Imagine if we were to simply throw out our cats.. And then we still cannot get pregnant..
What then? Who should we blame next??

But we still continue seeking medical/ professional help once in a while (seasonal gitu.. hehe)..
After more than 3 years of marriage, we've become better at ignoring unwanted advices. Gone were the days that I jump at any suggestions of this supplement or that ubat or that makcik urut (tapi ni terpulang la pada pilihan masing2 ye). Personally for me, I rather setel satu2 daripada kelam kabut semua pon nak buat..


Fast forward to the time when we know I'm pregnant :)
Put aside all the dugaan that I've faced/ currently facing throughout this pregnancy..
Still ade kata2 orang yg "orang mengandung tak elok bela kucing"

Bukan nak cakap besar..
Tapi zaman dah moden.. so instead of hanya mendengar cakap2 orang..
Elok kita buat research kita sendiri dulu.. Jgn bertindak terburu2..

During my previous pregnancy, aku dah tanye doctor awal2 lagik pasal nih..

Dot: "Doctor, is it okay if i have cats at home?"
Doctor: "How many?"
Dot: "Three"
Doctor: Since when have you had them?
Dot: "Since like 4 years ago (mase tu)
Doctor: "Owhh.. no worries.. you'll be fine with your cats.. Just don't handle their litter box.. :)

Legaaa sangat dengar..
I know the risk is still there (i'm not ignorant or stupid okay).. But it's low..
Basically cats can cause toxoplasmosis or something.. (especially taik dia)..
Tapi aku dah bertahun2 mmg Leman pon contractor buang taik kucing.. kakakakka..
So sgt low risk la di situ.. Plus kucen2 aku semua inhouse cats..
Risk dia sama jek la mcm makan raw fish/ meat (which I didn't take throughout my pregnancy)..

My cats are family.. Tak senang2 ko nak buang family wei..
Hiro tuh pernah hilang 24 jam pon aku dah meraung macam org gila.. Ini kan pulak aku nak volunteer pegi buang/ bagi orang.. Lagi pulak there's no valid reason for me to do so..

But having said that.. Jangan la ko dah tau ko pregnant pehtu baru hegeh2 nak adopt kucen..
Tu carik pasal nama nya.. Huhuhu..
Sebab mcm aku dah lama jaga kucen.. So most probably badan aku dah ade dah pon antibody utk penyakit tuh..

Hiro is the sweetest to me throughout my pregnancy (memang sebelom ni pon dia mmg sayang aku lebih :P).. Everytime aku muntah (since 1st trimester), dia mesti akan bersama2 teman aku dalam toilet kat tepi toilet bowl.. Selagi aku tak abes muntah selagi tu la dia tunggu gesel2 kat kaki aku..

Pehtu mase aku bed rest arituh.. dengan setia dia akan teman aku dari pagi sampai petang sampai ke malam.. Kalau ilang pon kejap2 jek pegi makan or pegi jamban.. Tapi most of the time memang ade tepi aku/ ujung kaki/ bantal sebelah..

Tu belom malam2 tido dgn aku.. selagi aku tak bangun selagi tu la dia tak bangun.. :)


Part ni aku takde experience lagik.. But I'm sure I'm gonna get "tak elok bela kucing kalau ade baby".. For now.. I'm hoping and praying for the best.. Biar di permudahkan semuanya..
I have a few cat-owners-mummy-friend who still maintain a good and healthy relationship with their cats while not compromising their baby.. So they are my role models..

I pray for my cats to have a long healthy and happy life.. together with Leman, baby(ies) and me.. Aminnnn


Anonymous said...

bole nk bela bile baby dah start meniarap n merangkak...risau bulu kucing tu atas karpet...n baby bole kene lelah..

linda said...

Salam Dot,

Cer follow tuiter @witherthorne ... she's a cat lover and she have baby...

Ms J said...

Ololoh.. Sayang betul hiro ngan mummy dia. Mesti dia sayang & jaga jugak adik (babydot) baru nanti. InsyaAllah..

Steve Finnell said...

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