Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Ibrahim Aydan

Yesterday marked another important milestone.
My son, whom I gave birth to exactly 1 year ago, is ONE :)

I think I'm wayyyy excited about this event that the tuan punya badan himself. Hehe.
Since it's puasa month, I decided just to let him celebrate at his nursery.
The principal at his nursery sent me a picture of his cake cutting ceremony.

*Ibrahim buat muka tak de perasaan!*

Hahaha. Ceh, penat je mummy prektis nyanyi lagu happy birthday kat umah pagi tu.
Both me and hubs didnt join kat nursery cause we're tied up with work.
Nevertheless, we hope you have fun darling.
Know that mummy lovingly plan and organize your mini party and party favour.
*i expect you to organize mine when you're 20* :p

Actually I havent been blogging for wayyy long.
Just dun have the energy to do that.
Baik aku tido. Hahaha

So banyak la development Aaim yg aku tak track pon satu2.. Janji nampak development sudah.
And people keep reminding me each baby their own.
So lagik la aku lek lek jek. Ok la tipu. Gunghu sikit la tapi. Hehe.

He already pass his first smile, laugh, turn, crawl.
He got 6 teeths now. Dah start menyusur meja and bertatih tapi belom berdiri sendiri or berjalan.
Lazy bum this one (err, like mummy? hehe)

Like i said before, yang penting sihat and happy.
Yang lain2 tu kita boleh kawtim ok.

After Hong Kong, I've successfully dragged him to Langkawi and Bandung for a holiday.
Another holiday coming soon. This time it's gonna be long-haul. Mintak2 this little male diva behave especially dlm kapalterbang :p

Happy 1st birthday my son.
I love you to the moon and back and to the moon and back again.

Ps: On 7 july, we also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary utk cinta hatiku. <3 p="">

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dieya said...

happy bday ibrahim aydan! moga sentiasa jadi anak yg soleh dan membahagiakan mummy & daddy.
hugs from aunty dieya!