Tuesday, July 13, 2004


B.I.T.C.H !! how do you interpret this single word? i takde kamus lah plak skrg nak letak ayat kamus.. but i'm sure everyone have their own opinion about what criteria ones need to fulfill to be called a BITCH.. :) .. i've awarded quite a number of ppl with this word..and i'm sure i've been awarded by it myself..everybody women know how to be a bitch.. i guess its auto activated subconciously..or manually activated conciously.. hehe.. a few of my male fren said that B.I.T.C.H means BE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF HIMSELF/HERSELF.. heheh..cam klakar..apsal i talk about bitch tetibe nih ek??.. sebab no 1..i've been acting for a few weeks past to leman..kesian member.. seb baik lah pakwe aku sowang nih kuat semngat nak layan perangai mengade ngade aku.. but after a few incidents.. and he being away to NZ for nearly 2 weeks..made me realized that i'm wrong.. and shud not be treating him like that.. now everything is back to normal.. I am happy.. and hopefully he is happy too..WE are back to being a happy couple.. :) .. puke if you want but for the past few weeks our relationship is not actually in a happy mode most of the time.. heheh.. thanks to dot lah.. saper agik yg suke carik pasal.. esok would be my 75 months bulanisery.. HAPPY BULANISERY TO MY LEMAN..
next story.. there someone at the office that been bithcy to me lately.. saiko abes.. dun even know what's her problem..since i dun even..never ever talk to her.. not in the same team.. then dpt tau she always kutuk me.. tuh tak kisah agik.. yg saiko nye.. si gile babi sowang nih suke tailgate my car.. then over take dekat dekat sampai nak terlanggar.. tak pon suke bawak slow.. lepas dot overtake then overtake balik laju macam nak mampos.. either she's stupid or she's super duper stupid.. huhuh..okla.. will continue later.. take care all..

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