Friday, July 16, 2004

stupid boifren

another few minutes im turning 23.. and i have no mood at all..thanks to my "darling" boifren..whom i feel like kicking his balls at thi svery moment!!! i dun know whether its only him or all guys/most guys (gay not included) is like this.. he always tend to carik pasal when its nearing an important date.. anniversaries..birthdays.. new year.. this time.. leman really pissed me off.. dah ler mamat tuh mmg dah lamer tak spend weekends wif me.. balik tapah lah.. hantar kucing la..mak suh pih sinih..mak suh pih sane,.. esok.. NAK KENE BALIK KAMPUNG.. on MY birthday..?? i never nak balik kampung on HIS birthday!! macam takley balik next week jek.. bukan ader hal penting pon..just simply becos..DADDY SURUH.. errkkkkk... bengangggg btoii.. i am so gonna let him feel misarable tonite.. i'm not going to see him..let him wait wif harry kumar at the guard house.. he's suppose to pick me up after work..but no thank you.. i really hate him sometimes.,..baru jek nak berbaik baik..dah carik pasal lagik.. i even cancel my plan wif my colleagues sbb si leman tuh konon kononnye nak spend time together... patutlah..member takut nak bagitau sabtu kene balik kampung..what nonsense.. i'm so not going to let this issue go easily..(note:this is not the first time he didi 19 birthday..he spend wif his family because mak dier suh) ... nih lecey kapel ngan MUMMY's BOY nih.. tenshennnnnnnnn.... take care all..have a nice and wonderful weekend..i'm sure i wont.. :( :( :(

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