Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy Buffday Miss Gemini

Happy Birthday to you..
You were born in Sibu..
In a sampan beside a labu..
Happy birthday to you..

Yeayyy..My feveretest sista is another year older wiser! an attempt to surprise her..My faveretest brother plak jadik spoiler (plus i was parking right behind antusemut's car..hehe)I tot they're at home (Kota Damansara)..who know they gatal gatal decide to jalan jalan..all 3 of them (antusemut, a boy and a bee)So..kesian la dot ngan Jue yg dah standby awal awal lagik..Boy called i tot he dah sampai kat basement..skali tak kat ulu jalan mana lagik tah..sempat dot main testing tiup tiup lilin sementara tunggu the birthday gal..Then after the cake cutting ceremony (yes, eventually they return after half and hour)We started our Krim Kek War..hahahaha..i was fun..I even managed to pour some apple juice inside of antusemut's t-shirt..hahahahahah..Everybody frozed.. hahahaha..aku pon takut gaks si antusemut tuh mengamuk masa tuh..tapi dia dah speechless sgt sampai tak leh bercakap..mesti tak pernah ade org curah air dlm baju perasan la dia nak marah tapi terpaksa menelan semula kemarahannye..sebab dot yg kiyut nih tak sampai hati nak marah..hahahaha.. we had a lot of fun..habis semua org pakai mask krim kek tuh..Hopefully hari nih muka semua org tak tumbuh jerawat plak..Anyway..Hope my sis have a wonderful birthday..For those who's thinking to buy her a gift..she wants a Harry Potter Latest Book (coupon)..I didnt get it for, if ade yg nak beli..sila sila..jgn malu malu..hehehe..

dot's so lazy starting my study on July..but have to register..have to pilih which college and which paper i wanted to sit for..Dot rasa macam nak belajar kat Sunway College..tapi all the classes during weekend (There goes my 2 precious day of lepaking and doing nuthing)huhuhuh..Bulih gak pilih FTMS..which offers nite classes on weekdays..tapi the college is around Central Market area..which i dare not wander alone in the morning let alone at way man.. so..nak taknak kena la pilih Sunway...uhuhuh..sedey..kan best kalau dah kawen ade husband yg sgt concern dan penyayang..mesti dia bulih hantar and jemput..

Before we went to antusemut's place..We (me and Jue) managed to watch MR AND MRS SMITH..Damn..Angelina Jolie is so HOT!! No wonder Brad and Jen broke up..They were kissing like some scene from a porn movie..(dun asked how i know how akissing scenes on porn movies look like are okay..hahahah)Anyway..the movie is okay..My RM8 is for a good reason (if only for the reason of seeing Brad Pitt in a boxer..nyum nyummy)... > : ) > : ) > :)And im sure all the guys out there would have their eyes out of their socket watching Angelina the whole time..I enjoyed the movie very much..but i dun favour the ENDING very much..its.. LAME and a bit hanging for such a kepoci like me..hehehe..Out of 5, i would have given a 3.45 star..

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