Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Positive Thinking vs Realistic Thinking

Mr Husband sgt suke buku "secret - law of attraction tuh"..
Selalu nye bila aku buat apepe statement jek..dia akan remark.."Positive Thinking Sayang"..
Huhuhuhuh..but if I've put on 8kg since my wedding..and cant fit into almost all of my work clothes + whatever cloths..how can I still be positive about it?

But Hubby will still find a way to apply the "Gratitude" principle.."be thankful sayang..at least you're healthy..have a job..have me..etc etc.." He is right in Soooo many ways...
But that does not mean I am not feeling depressed with my current fat capacity...uuuwwwwaaaaaa.....This is bad..Its like my worst nitemare..Kalau duit byk seriyes aku buat liposuction..hahahaha...

Tapi buku SECRET tuh best jugak..my sister siap beli buku + ade cd sekali..tapi aku tgk cd jek pon dah cukup..hahahha..

But I cant help being a realist..cause I've always believe a goal has to be realistic! and there's a fine line between being a positive thinker vs being over confident..heheheheh..

Renung renungkan..dan selamat beramal..

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