Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bali 2011: Day 2 - Kuta + Tanah Lot

My blog has really taken bak seat nowadays..
Kat office mmg tak sempat la nak update blog sebab masih busy..
Kat umah mmg busy layan Spartacus.. hahahaha..
Busy drooling over men in loin cloths! Nih semua zue punye pasal.. hehe..

Pejam celik pejam celik dah separuh january 2012 dah..
So before post Bali nih menjadi bertambah basi..
Let's get it done and over with okay..

Day 2.. or technically our day 1 in Bali..
After much rest last night, we're ready to shop!

 Ayong and Ayunie in our rented car with supir.. Since this is the 4th time we went on a holiday to Bali, kitaorg mmg dah kenal la boss supir nih.. Mmg puas hati money back guarantee.. If you want his number, i can give you.. He chrages Rp400,000 one day.. Tapi dia mmg sgt tak berkira ye..

 First stop: Billabong.. Kat Malaysia mmg takde de akak nak layan Billabong youols.. Dah tak sesuwai ngan jiwa.. hahahha.. Tapi Billabong kat sini 3 tingkat youolss.. rugi gak la kalau tak singgah shopping.. and Leman mmg suka suar pendek Billabong..

Last2 husband nya shopping sikit, bini nya yg shopping banyak.. hahahha..

 Beli baju terus pakai okey ;)

 On our way to Tanah Lot (err..for the 4th time)


 Hasil tangkapan after only 1 stop.. Use you imagination what's my final hasil tangkapan was like.. hehehe..

 Since this is the first time for Ayunie.. we brought him for lunch at Melastri, Tanah Lot..

 This is the view that awaits you..

 The food was honestly so-so and a little bit on the expensive side.. but the view more than make up for it.. i highly recommend you go there if you haven't been there before..

 Mr and Mrs Mann on holiday :)

 I wanted to take picture of my new skirt (bought from my officemate).. susah betul nak simpan duit kat tempat keja aku tuh.. takyah turun bawah pon duit boleh abes.. sebab byk jek tokey2 jual baju/skirt/tudung etc.. Kalau nak raya lagik la tak payah susah payah.. Kuih rasa semua dtg kat kau tinggal kau nak tunjuk2 jek.. hahaha..

Oh i digress di situ.. point sebenar nak cakap..

"Susah nya nak tangkap gambar yg cantik kalau badan mmg tak berapa cantik!"

Stress youolllsss!! Terpaksa asek salahkan photographer or camera.. hahahha.

 Drama much? :)

 Lepas lunch.. sambung shopping kat kedai2 sekitar tanah lot.. During our previous visits, belum ade lagik Krisna (a shopping mall mcm tesco mcm tu but on a smaller scale.. byk jual souvenir, t-shirts etc)..

And Jony (our designated supir) bagitau mmg murah2 kat situ.. however, since kitaorg tak pernah sampai lagik Krisna tuh, kitaorg pon takleh nak gauge price dia..

and tempat2 kat Bali nih (except kalau mmg dkt Kuta la kan) jauh.. kiranya kalau ko tak beli.. pehtu besok nak mintak datang balik mmg kimsalam la jawapnya.. hahaha..

So, dot pon shopping la sikit2.. (err..sikit ke youols? hahaha)

Admittedly prices kat Tanah Lot nih mmg mahal sikit.. Even after menawar pon still a little bit high (but dlm singgit dua hengget duit kita jek pon)..

So i only bought things that i really really wanted.. at a price i feel reasonable (that's mostly my secret when shopping in Bali).. so takde la ko rase either:

1) Menyesal tak beli sebab lepas tu tak jumpa kat tempat lain; or
2)  Menyesal beli sebab kat tempat lain lagik murah

I'm glad i did.. sebab ade barang yg takde or tak byk choices or way more expensive kat tempat shopping lain..
 That day was so freaking hot.. terus perempuan2 ini beli topi baru sorang satu.. hehehe..

 This time around, we didn't even make it down to see the temple dekat2.. hahahha.. Being the 4th time for us, mmg tak koser dah la kan.. and sebab panas sgt, Ayunie pon tak koser nak turun.. hahaha.. so nih je la gambar berlatar belakangkan Tanah Lot punye pintu gerbang..

Again, sebab nih dah kali ke4 datang Bali.. gambar2 adelah sangattttttttttt la kurang.. hahahhaa. masing2 malas nak amik or even nak posing untuk amik gambar.. busy shopping.. hehe.. kamera ade buat berat sangkut kat bahu jek.. seb baik mmg takde kamera besau gedebak yg canggih2 tuh. kalau tak mesti kamera tuh rase insulted..

After our stint at Tanah Lot, our next destination is to Vie Spa for some pampering..

We liked to try different2 spa everytime we were here..
Average price is around RM120 lebih kurang for a 3 hours spa (normally including bosy massage, body scrub, body polish, cream bath etc. Depending on different spa and their different prices and treatment..)

This time, we decided to go on 3 hours of pampering inclusive of foot spa, body massage, body scrub, body polish, flower bath and cream bath at the price of Rp400,000..

A little bit expensive that our normal Rp300,000 - Rp350,000 price range.. kadang2 tu siap dpt free lunch or dinner lagik inclusive..

Anyway, for this time, agak tak puas hati la jugak.. I love the actual body massage but the place tak best langsung.. lagik tak best bila kat tepi spa tu diorng tgh buat concert dangdut..

So forget calmness and zen-ness.. Sepanjang sessi tu mmg bertemankan lagu dangdut yg membingit kan telinga.. huhuhuhu.. 
 Finish product after 3 hours.. Thank you mr husband for sponsoring my spa session today :)  (It's so difficult to get Leman to go for spa session back in Malaysia.. But in overseas (normally Thailand or Indonesia), he's more sporting.. hehe)

After everybody has been pampered, we went for our dinner at Restorant Sederhana.. Great recipe utk menggemok kan badan while on holiday kan.. huhuhuh..

So that's the end of our Day 2.. Itu pon sampai hotel dah pukul 10 malam.. Balik bilik tuh semua org kena kemas bag.. cause we're checking out and gonna continue or journey to Ubud plak.. See you on my next post..

Have a happy monday people..

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