Thursday, February 07, 2013

Baby and me

Thank you for all your warm wishes. :)

As of today, I am around 13 weeks pregnant (14 weeks if u count from my first day of last period).
That's why I am so lazy to update my blog nowadays.
Kalau tak tgh busy muntah kat jamban, iols busy kencing.
Kahkahkah. Jamban mmg best fren sekarang.

Ppl said it's all gonna get better after 1st trimester. My conclusion is, people lied. Sob sob.

Hey, but at least i don't have fatigue. Actually we've known that we're pregnant since early December 2012. So i blogged about my pregnancy in my other blog, But at the moment it's still under private mode. Esok2 rajin iols open for public okay.

Today i puke 5 times. Malam je 2 kali. Skrg tgh update sambil baring sambil berdoa jgn la muntah agik. Sian baby iols lapaq nanti. Huhu.
Doctor kata hari2 kena minum susu skrg. Tapi kat umah yg ade only low fat milk saje. Blasah jek la kan janji minun susu.



~Ati_Hime~ said...

good to hear that! congrats! :)

Linda Hussin said...


AJU said...

Salam ina...
been following ur blog since 2008/2009..cant really remember...bila baca ur post ni...terus cam sooo happy for u..congrats ya...take a gud care of urself n ur precious...:)

-Aju (MMU-theatre class 2002)

iekaz said...

OMG u are pregnant!! congrats beb! so happy for u!! pls take good care of yourself n d baby.. xoxo

Ms J said...

Babe... tahniah! Baru je terbaca ni. Hopefully both u and baby dot sihat selalu!