Monday, February 04, 2013

Happy Birthday Husband

Last week was my husband's 32nd birthday.
With lack of ideas and originality, this loving wife of his just kidnapped him for a 3 nite stay in the city.

I chosed the Concorde KL..
Sebab aku nak breakfast sedap kat the Melting Pot.. Hehe..

Tapi kesian Leman..
The day before Sabtu tu dia dah start demam..
So petang tu lepas attend my friend's wedding baru kitaorg check-in..
Sambung la birthday boy demam kat hotel plak.. hahahha..

He looked so miserable with tuala sejuk atas dahi and termometer dalam mulut..
With matching muka seposen.. 
I did my best to be a good nurse.. But i myself wasn't feeling good.. huhu..

Until today i still owe him his birthday gift..

"Husband nak ipad mini tak?"
Eii.. Tak naklah.. Nak buat ape..

"Husband nak new watch tak?"
I dun wan..

"Husband nak PS3?"
Ite tanak.. Mana main dah game2 ni semua.

Abes ko nak ape husband?
Iols bagi ciuman free jek kang.. Save duit bini boleh buat beli handbeg baru.. Hehe..

Ko tau dia mintak ape?
Dia nak kasut kerja baru jek..
Done. Sekarang jugak jom kita pegi carik..

Tapik pakcik nih degil gile..
Padahal kasut dia dah tobek kena gigit ngan Hiro semua..
Tetap nak delay2 carik kasut baru..
Pelik kan.. Kalau aku la org nak belikan kasut baru.. Sekarang jugak pon boleh gi shopping.. Hehehe..

So sepanjang stay kat Concorde tu pon tak sempat pegi carik kasut dia.
Ahad tuh pon kitaorg busy attend adik Leman's engagement and my half sister's wedding..
The rest of our stay kitaorg hibernate jek dalam bilik..
Kuar utk pegi tapau food jek.. hahahaha.. 
Itupon kalau rajin.. Kalau malas order room service jek..
Tapi sebab room service bisa buat bangkrap kalau order byk kali, kitaorg merajinkan lah jugak diri utk kuar makan :P

Walaupon bini dia hutang hadiah birthday lagik..
He claimed that he already received his best birthday gift ever.

But that birthday gift is still "cooking in the oven" as we speak..
My oven to be exact :)

Moga our small miracle with continue to grow safe and healthy..

To my husband..
Happy birthday..
We (me and growing baby) love you sooooo much..
(Although at the moment i think i might love you more than our baby does.. Cause our baby don't really like how you smell :P)..
Beside our little miracle, I am sorry your birthday celebration kinda s.u.x..
Cause i spend most of my time puking in the bathroom..
And I even managed to puke during your birthday dinner (which consist of room service as I am too mabuk to go out.. huhuhuhu)..
And puke and puke and puke throughout our stay.. Hehehehe..
So in the end.. demam demam pon you have to take care of me instead..
But I'm sure you will not forget this birthday..
"The birthday where my wife puke non-stop" .. Hehehe..
I doakan all your wishes come true.. and you always have health, happiness and wealth in years to come..(together with a healthy wife (and kid(s)), `a happy wife and a wealthy wife = which means ME.. heheheh)


. i . n . a . z . said...

kak ina... congrats.... congrats banyak banyak. take care of yourself ye. jangan stress nanti baby sulky. heheheh... and happy belated burthday untuk incik leman.

Sash said...

Aminnnn. Hope u have a happy, healthy and wonderful pregnancy darl!

DOT's Hubby said...

My Wife...

You know what is the very very very very best present tak for me...cube teka?? dunno?? of course its YOU... being with you 24x7x365xforever is the best birthday present ever...

its been a hell of an adventure together and cant wait to continue the adventure with you and our little ones...

I Love you and thank you for always be by side even me sometimes annoying (ye ke somtimes jee, hehehe)...


Fescalados said...

A BIG congratulations to you Dot!!!

I am so so so happy for you :)))) Alhamdulillah.

Take care of yourself dear. Nanti kalau nak pesan barang2 baby from sini, let me know. I'm going back for good in June.


linda said...


Preggy ke Dot? Alhamdulillah... syukur... congrates....

dot said...

Thank you Inaz. :)

Thank you Sash. :)

I love you husbanf. And thank you for being such a rockstar. Xoxo

Thank you Dr. Farina. Menarik sungguh offer anda tu. Boleh lah iols start usha2 diaper bags. Hehe

Thank you Linda. :)