Friday, April 17, 2015

Part 1: The beginning (Round 2!)

It's been a long while since I last wrote here..
But this very special occasion deserve a post..
The birth of my second son..

It all started with a positive home pregnancy test.. (okla it all started before that but let's just assume it started with the positive HPT :P).. Masa tu bulan 8 kot.. Aku pon tak ingat sangat dah when excatly.. Huhu..

Honestly, masa nampak positive line tu.. I was dumbstruck sekejap.. Pehtu terus carik Leman menangis2.. Hahaha.. Drama sgt kau kan.. I was caught by surprise especially since it took so long for Ibrahim.. So we were assuming not that easy to get another baby second time around.. Hehe.. But it's all Allah's will..

So I've overcome my surprise.. I am super happy to know that our little family willbe expanding soon..

The thing was.. Long before I was pregnant with #2, we've booked a London + Europe trip for us.. By the time nak pegi trip tu, baru jek ngam2 nak masuk 13 weeks.. The early few weeks I am also on Proluton jabs (just like when i was pregnant with Ibrahim).. But but the time we wanna fly, I've completed my proluton jabs and by gynae kesayangan pon dah  bagi green light for us to "enjoy ourselves"..

Dah la sebelom gi London tu Ibrahim plak demam panas sampai kena warded.. So we have to postponed our flying date by 2 days.. Elok2 Ibrahim discharged from hospital, kitarg pon fly esok malam nya..

All went well during the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Doha.. Ibrahim pon well behave (most of the time).. Journey pon sangat smooth takde tergoncang2 or whatnot, as was the landing..

Elok je landing.. Masa tengah nak queue untuk turun kapal terbang, I feel a gushed of something in between my legs..

Masa tu dah cuak dah..

I told Leman..

"Sayang.. I rasa I period lah.. Tapi i tgh pregnant, mana ada period kan.. atau i terkencing?"

So bila bangun Leman intaikan and bagitau nampak darah!

We try not to panic (so much).. First thing I did bila dah masuk airport Doha was to go to the toilet.. Bila bukak seluar memang nampak macam period..

Allah.. Macam mana nak buat ni?? Masa ni dah panic gak a sebenarnya..
Ngan si Ibrahim tu dah cranky lagik.. Stress mak nyah... Huhu..

Kuar toilet I told Leman and we called my gynae back in KL... Tapi gynae plak takde clinic hari tuh.. Uwwaaa... stressss.. Masa tu tak sure nak buat apa... Nak patah balik KL ke (after baru je sampai from 7 hours journey), nak seek medical attention kat Doha ke nak proceed to London...

After much thought.. We decided to proceed with London and seek medical help over there..

So off we go to London.. Within the duration of 24 hours.. I had 4-5 more episode of bleeding (period like with fresh blood and all).. Masa tu memang I tawakal habis.. Few times kesat air mata dalam flight.. I was hoping for the best but was preparing myself for the worst so to speak.. 

Elok sampai London.. The first landmark that we visited that day was the College University Hospital.. Hhuhuh.. Panjang lagik kisah hospital kat London tu but I'll save that for another time ok..

To cut a long story short, finally managed to see a gynae after almost 48 hours, and the gynae performed a transvagina scan to confirm everything looks A-okay!

Terus aku menangis kesyukuran kat situ.. sebab dah lama tahan kan..

This second pregnancy.. was much smoother than my first one.. After the big scare in London.. everything else were pretty much normal.. Muntah2.. fatigue.. gemok.. :P.. Much time was focused on Ibrahim or work. And in between that we managed to squeeze in a holiday or two..

Nearing week 36.. i had a trombossed external hemorroid (things the pregnancy books didnt tell you okay).. It was bloody ugly and bloody painful.. At this point, I already surrendered myself to consult a general surgeon.. and my gynae (who has always been confident and supportive of my VBAC) suggested the option of an elective ceserean, to not make matters worse..

However, before I can even decide whether to still try for VBAC  opt for an elective ceserean, my second son help me make my decision, which is the emergency ceserean, due to a sudden dropped in my amniotic fluid/ placenta deterioration.. Padahal the week before that, everything is ok.. Placenta doing great.. lots of amniotic fluid for baby to "swim" inside..

So, on the beautiful day of 7 April 2015, at 5.09pm, we welcomed our second son, ILYAS AYDIN BIN SULAIMAN, 3 weeks in advance.

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