Friday, March 12, 2004

dot and her bowling tournament

antusemut typing:

i won i won i won said my sister.. chehhh tu je rupenye why she called sat tadik.. and plus to tell me she already bought me(us actually) the payung(s) that we were admiring las las week.. thank you adikku.. :))

well thats just a reminder for si dot to update her blog. in case she forgot wot happen mase torunament tu, did she jatuh kaa, baper byk kali bola dia masuk longkang ka.. heheheh

she did promise to update tonight.. we'll see we'll see..

adikku cepatla update!! i cant do ur blogging for you.. nanti hang cakap bosan camner :P and then again i dont talk much.. hehehhehe

anyways on behalf of dot, i bade everyone a very happy and nice weekend

cau cincau

antusemut signing-off

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