Tuesday, March 09, 2004

menyampah btol +@#"$%*!

i just had a fight ngan crash.. demm.. i hate when he had to choose between me or his family.. it's not that i'm a controlling freak or sumthing.. but sometimes.. (example: mase my 19 besday..his family turun kl so had to lepak wif them instead of wif me.. how do you reckon my feeling at dat time??) .. i know it's not healthy to compare.. one family is diff as diff can be from the other.. but kengkadang cannot help utk compare.. i mean.. my parents are so cool especially biler kitaorg dah besar besar nih.. and especially towards my bro..he never kene pakse doing anything yg dier tak suke.. and imagine crash tagging his mum along for kenduri kawen.. yg not close relative.. just mummy's fren,..heerrggghh.. talking about mummy's boy!!.. but he usually denies it.. this all started tadik mase i asked crash to accompany me to my MAYBE office family day.. but then he said kene balik umah.. siap cakap.. "sekali sebulan jek abang mintak utk spend time ngan family.." what the hell.. macam la aku nih truk sgt.. macam lah aku pakse dier spend each and every second wif me.. nak balik kampung pih la balik bebile suke.. tak penah aku larang.. but this is something i really would like him to tag along.. cam sedey aa plak rasenye.. terase jugak.. his family ade family gathering setiap sabtu ketiga setiap bulan.. and i dun think he is ALLOWED to miss even one of these.. i dun mind..really i dun..and i thot sekali sekaler i might even tag along.. but then... when certain occasion comes into the picture.. then mase tuh la terpakse makan hati..mencii ah.. nih yg rase nak carik spare part satu nih.. hehehe.. malas aa nak pikir dah.. tanak ikot sodah.. like i care..huwaaa.. but i doooo care.. i always will try to accomodate his needs... i never been into any club (disco),..not that i am that baik.. slalu jek teringin nak pegi.. but then he FORBAD me to go.. saying that kalu nak pegi kene bawak dier skalik... serupe macam baik tak payah pegi..but i dun mind.. asal dier happy i happy.. but at this exact moment.. i am not ExACTLY happy am i??

sometimes those who we love most can also be those who we hate most !!

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