Monday, July 04, 2005

Bak kata pepatah iklan nescafe di ERA..."Pejam Celik PEjam Celik dan ISnin balik!!" ..huuuuuwaaa...tak syok nye perasaan hatiku ini..tah bila lah akan pulih..Last week..up to has been a real dizazter for me..yes..more dizazterous than my "finally i like it" red hair..huhuhuh...LEt me summarise the events since Thursday:

Thursday : Normal day at work... Dinner alone at Sushi King (suddenly have a craving for california temaki)..on my way back to my car.. the most unlucky thing happen to me.. conclusion.. 2 hours later..I'm RM3,000 "miskin-er"...huhuhuh..menangis air mata kaler purple sekali pon dah tak berguna...but that nite..i sure did cry a river..i talk to Shaz i cried..then i continue crying while i talk to leman...after that i tried calling my sista the antusemut..she didnt pick this made me cry even harder...huhuhu..since im in the mood to "meluah perasaan ku yg terluka dan Tipah tertipu"..i call my brother..and i cried somemore..finally i called my dad..when my mom pick up...i try to control my voice..but when she asked me. "What's wrong..are you Okay? you sound like ur crying?" ..oh comes the tears by the time i talk to my dad..its between hiccups..huhuhuh..But i do feels 1% better afetr i talk to each of the important person in my life as mentioned above..and i did feel 5% better i've talk to my dad...then i called Leman again...and he comforted me again..But every 5 seconds..the sadness and the kemiskinan and the kemenyesalan feelings kick in again.. and i feel like crying again..

Friday : I woke up wif a pair of swollen the result of yesterday's crying activities...and depression and despair ever since i open my swollen but still beautiful eyes..huhuhu..i decided Wisma Sime Darby is the last place i wanted to be at the moment.. so i closed my eyes again and continue to TRY to sleep.. at 8..i gave up sleeping..and i went to Jue's room..she not very well i convinced her to stay home wif me...hehehe.. since i look so pitiful..she decide to stay home, (i know she care about me even though she claimed it has nothing to do wif me but she has sorethroat..hahahah)..anyway.. that morning..after we bath and get ready to see the wif a swollen upper eyes (after effect of crying)..and Jue wif a swollen lower eyes (ellergic reaction to some sorethroat medicine she taken the nite before)..we went to see the doctor behind our eyes.. I straight away ask for an MC...wif the reason of emotionally unstabil and depressed.. the doctor saw my eyes and my about to nangis again and kesian gila muke kena tipu dengan penipu..he agreed to gave me one day MC...he also prescribed be wif some kind of ubat penenang (2 bijik jek..nak jual kat penagih dadah pon tak cukup..huhuh)..but till today i didnt take them..cause i think i can still handle the pain...i was wrong!!

Saturday : Woke up so damn early in the morning...even earlier than i started my ACCA classes in Sunway College... so lazy and sleepy and hungry.. its suppose to start from 8:00am to 1:00pm..and to be continued from 2:00pm to between dah berangan itu dan ini.. gila lama... ade la 50% jek yg memasuki saraf saraf otak.. yg lain hanyut di bawa angin air cond yg sejuk sebelum berjaya mencecah sekaki dpd telinga dot turned out that last class we all can go back at 500pm..yeay..then i went dating and we watch Wars Of The World... Me being constantly feeling like slapping some senses into the annoying "Rachel"...and i still cant understand the ending until now...

Sunday : My misfortune started again today...By noon.. Leman came to pick me up..i wanted to pay some bills.. and one of those MANY bills are cash deposit to MAYBANK.. my dad helps me to make payment every i just have to bank the money to his account...however..separuh jalan.. the stupid f****** machine gone kaput..and decide to telan RM450 of my money..daMnnnnnnnnnnn...aku nih dah la still emotionally unstabil..machine buduh tuh plak wat hal..nak jek aku sepak mesin tuh..neway.. i called the customer service..and they confirm my fear..the money has not went through my dad's account..and i have no receipt of anything..I ended up crying least this time Leman is beside me..Then after Maybank..i wanted to go to HSBC to withdraw some money...guess what? .. I just realized that i have misplaced my ATM card..fresh tears started showing themselves..I feel ssoooooooooooo depressed at that moment...But i try pulling myself together..and return home to search for my missing card..dah la perut bunyik bunyik sebab lapa lom makan since morning...after i tunggang terbalik kan my room..and still no sign of my precious ATM card.. i decided to call HSBC and cancelled the card..At least im lucky cause the Telebanker confirm to me that no new transaction being made since the last date that i remember making them...huhuhhuh...

So.. bertambah miserable la hidup ku ini...dah jatuh basikal..kena gigit anjing and then kena berak burung plak..huhuhuhuh...I hope this is life's way to make me a stronger and smarter person.. or at least i can managed to become a less cry-baby...Redha dengan ketentuan Illahi..

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