Monday, July 04, 2005


Hello..Here i am writing again..gile free tade keja lain lah aku nih..hari hari tulis blog.. hehehe.. Tapi next week nak start job, mesti akan bz for a very very long time..Sigh..STill havent go collect new ATM card..lazy..Neway, thanks to the sympathy from all my frens..Im feelling almost 50% better now..Moreover after hearing today's new that a women had been con into buying a 93,000 magical rock or something..That's way more losses as compared to mine..Yesterday my sister (who's a loyal visitor to my blog), commented that i've made so many grammer mistakes..or in other words..poor english..cehhhh..orang tgh emosi dia sebuk nak carik grammer mistakes org..caitt..I tak sempat nak proof read lah Ayong (alasan baik punya)..hahaha..
Actually the story behind my losses is that i've been conned into buying some stuff in order to win some stuff..ssiiighhh...mende mende cam nih dah byk dah jadik kat sekeliling jek yg tak reti reti bahasa..nak jugak belajar melalui kesilapan sendiri..That nite, while I was bz crying to my dad cause i thought that he's wasted his money on my Education..just so that i can be this dad comforted me by saying that "It's not about whether you have a degree or not to be conned like this..But its because of GREED..Human are GREEDY!!" OUchhh..tepat kena kat jantung..hahahaha..Memang 100% betul for my case..I hope those guys rot in hell..the sooner the better..
Yesterday, while having dinner wif Jue kat belakang rumah.. ade lah satu couple yg duduk sebelah meja nih.. masa tuh dot baru dapat mihun sup taruk ayam dot yg sedap..dan oleh sebab lapa tahap raksaksa gorgon..saya sangatlah bz menghabiskannye..without minding org kiri dan kanan..Then tetiba mamat kat sebelah kanan meja dot nih..dah start tinggi tinggi suara.. Wahhh..ini sudah bagos..menikmati hidangan makan malam sambil menonton drama swasta free..first class seat somemore..The guy started scraeming to the lady sitting wif him..The lady keep cool jek..the guy makin lama makin kuat menengking nengking..At this point of dah beralih dpd makan mihun kepada pasang teliga la (kepochi me!!)Gila obscene ayat ayat yg di gunakan.."Shut Up!!".."GET LOST".."You F*ck*** Bit*h)..A lot of the F words being tossed around..Tuh takpe lagik..tapi masa lady tuh reply.. "Mind your you know who ur talking to?".."Im your MOTHER!"... Masa dot dgr jek perkataan Mother tuh..rasa nak tercekik mihun sup dlm tekak..huhuh.. I never would have guess he's talking to his mother..then after he kept on screaming rudely and obscenely to his mother, his mother finally walk off.. Omigod..I would never have imagined someone could talk to their mother like that!! Kesian sgt kat lady tuh..after balik pon dot and Jue still diskas diskas lagik pasal nih..ade jugak manusia cam nih kat Malaysia nih.. Eminem pon agak nye tak cakap camtuh depan depan muka mak dia...

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