Monday, April 04, 2011

Memories of our 1st honeymoon :)

Look what i found..

I found a snapshot taken during our 1st honeymoon, 2 weeks after we were married :)

Dun even remember taking the video.

Especially dun remember being so gediks! hahahah..

Reminiscence of my smaller size and lighter weight..sob..sob..

Sharing it here, in celebrating our upcoming 13 years anniversary together lagik 10 hari.

PS: I love you husband. You make everyday feels like a honeymoon.


Ms J said...

dun remember being so gediks??? hahahaha...
Anyway, happy upcoming anniversary Dot & Leman ^_^

DOT's Husband said...

I love you moooorrrreeeee my wife..everyday feels like a honeymoon when I with you too..hugs and kisses

And gud nite to my kiut wife yg tgh sleep kt sebelah tu..nnt sat gi me hug ok..nite nite

Farina said...

Happy anniversary Dot! Tak gediks lah, manja2 gitu =)