Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pesanan komuniti khidmat masyarakat

Live from the hospital. Huhu.

My FIL still takleh discharged semalam.
Sebab dia hiccups.

Imagine hiccup-ing all nite and all day. Huhu
Akak yg menengok pon letih nyeh.

On a different note, can you imagine how much is his running hospital bill now?
He's been here since first week of June. Kat ICU dekat 2 minggu. Lepas tuh kat ward (suite) pon dekat 2 minggu dah nih. Huhu. Last i checked was almost up to RM50,000!
But, he's lucky he's under insurance care.

So, today i would like to highlight (since i'm sure everyone's aware of it, take it more as a reminder) the importance of having an insurance coverage.

I finally sign up for mine after 1 month my arwah mak diagnose with cancer. Sebelom tuh memang asek delay jek. Dengan alasan; duit tak cukup. Hahahaha.. Well, duit memang sentiasa tak cukup pon in this life. Sebab more money more commitment kan. Tapi takpe la youols, duit boleh carik.

Mase tu, back in 2006 (i was only 25. soooo young. Hehe).. I called Eric. He's my good fren back in HSBC days. And i tell him: ERIC, I WANT THE CHEAPEST ONE! Hahahahahha

Sekarang ade lah naik sikittttt jek.. Hehehe.. Talk about kedekut kan.
But at least i have sumthing.

You may have the mindset that: "tak payah amik insurance, kompeni aku dah cover"

Well, not to boast, but my current employer provide i would say one of the best medical coverage of companies in Malaysia (at least). But i still feel better for having my own insurance coverage as a back up.

My advice is, kalu belom amik insurance, sila lah amik. Mintak la package yg paling murah dulu takpe. Lagik muda lagik murah premium dia,and it's also tax deductable youols.

Dun under estimate the importance of medical coverage. Sebab mase tgh sihat, mmg tak heran. Tapi bila sakit...

I'm not promoting cause i'm selling iansurance ok. Just as awareness.

My advice is, amik agent yg buat insurance full time. Cause they will give better service.
My agent, Eric, is superb. If you want his number just tell me ok ;)

Lastly, have a healthy life people! (hahahahha. Cakap jek pandai. Gym dah 2 bulan tak pegi. Free free jek bagi duit kat true fitness tuh. Huhuhuhuhu)


Farina said...

Dia agent insurance ape dot? I ada Prudential, baru tukar agent lain.Tapi x sure dia ok ke tak.I ingat nak balik amik insurance kat Faliela,tapi tak sure nak stick to Prudential ke what.

dot said...

Dia prudential. Very efficient. :)