Sunday, July 24, 2011

The day my brother let go of his "Single but not available" status: Part 1

I've been so busy since the past weeks.

But now some of the important things were done, so I'm finding time to blog about them.
One of the most important event that I haven't blog was my only brother's wedding.
Tapi sebab tahap kemalasan yg tinggi.. I let the pictures do most of the talking ok..

 Tanah Merah! I've never been here before. Sebab masing2 malas nak drive, kitaorg pakat naik flight. 55 minit dah landing. best. hehehhe.. Opah memang dah sampai 2 days earlier sebab temankan Boy fitting baju and whatnot.. So from LCCT was me, hubs, Ayong and my in laws.. Abah and the others drive from Sitiawan ikut Grik..

Some of the hantaran.. Gotta love the colour :)

 Hantaran and wedding ring



 Orang kuat belakang tabir ;)

 Boy and his new bride.. Gorgeous aint she :)

 Next day.. bersanding ceremony..

 Pengantin lama nak tumpang glamer

 Baju potong cake

To my brother and technically younger "kakak ipar".. huhuhuh..both are in Krabi for their honeymoon since today..

Selamat Pengantin Baru.. Semoga berbahagia selalu and selamanya..

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