Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just Back Report: Perth & Western Australia Appetizer


I'm back at home sweet home.

Had a WONDERFUL time on my honeymoon. :)

The after effect smile is still plastered on my face. hehe.

Too bad.. next year dah promise leman no more holiday. Took all my self descipline not to login to website Air Asia.. huhu.. Takpe.. I'm sure I can pujuk him to just one holiday.. am thinking between Korea or New Zealand.. hehehe..

Back to Aussie trip..

Walaupon trip kali nih tak berapa prepared.. but i think we're ok..

The thing i love most about being on a honeymoon (besides spending loads of quality time with my Leman) is the feeling of total relaxation and freedom.. The secret is not to put any expectation..

During any of our honeymoons.. we don't aim to get the maximum area coverage during our time there (bukan mesti melawat semua tempat2 yg best).. we focus more on spending quality time with each other.. Away from home.. away from work.. away from everyday chores and away from familiar environment..
And it took us 5 honeymoons since we got married.. and for the first time i booked us into a backpackers hostel.. to realize that..

When on honeymoon.. we spent a LOT of time being in our hotel room.. hahahhaha..

So next time.. no more skimping on accomodation.. hehe..

Perth and Western Australia is basically a very very laid back city.. By choice definitely!

After spending a week there.. i won't mind to work there for a while if given the chance..

Cause everybody is so laid back.. shops semua tutup kol 500 pm.. sekali seminggu (jumaat) they extend their opening hours between 6 - 9 pm..

I'm sharing our itenery, travelling on 22 - 28 October 2011 (excluding travelling time).. Later, i will link each day to its own post..

Day 1: Perth City

Day 2: Fremantle

Day 3: Harbour Town + Caversham Wildlife Park + Swan River drive

Day 4: Perth - Mandurah - Bunbury - Margaret River

Day 5: Augusta – Hamelin Bay – Lake Cave - Margaret River

Day 6: Margaret River - Dunsborough – Busselton - Harvey - Perth City

Day 7: Perth City

Gambar2 di bawah sebagai appetizer 


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