Friday, May 11, 2012

Life goes on

Life is indeed short kan.
The demised of our friend confirm what i already know.
But it's like a wake up call.
And as long as we're alive, we shud damn well cherish our own life right.

It matters not that we are;
Rich or Poor..
Fat or Thin..
Single or in a relationship..
Have kids or not..
The list goes on..
As long as we're healthy, we shud be happy right..

(But having said that, kenapa kah aku agak depress lepas naik mesin timbang after my Samui holiday? huhuhuhu..)

My heart still goes out to baby Uzair who's under his grandma's care..
I hope he will have a healthy and happy life ahead..

PS: My next post will be the continuation of Koh Samui. I was writing that post the night i received the bad news about our friend. Since it is a happy post, and it does not reflect my feelings that night, i save it in draft mode first. But i guess life have to move on at some point. And i will be crazy busy next week and the week after as I will be travelling some more :)

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