Monday, May 07, 2012

Life is short

Tonight we lost a mutual friend from school.
Kimie and his wife did not survived the fatal accident at Gambang earlier this evening.
But God is Great, his baby boy survived the crash.
My heart goes out to the baby boy. He lost both his parents tonight at such young age. :(
I hope he's okay and in good health.
Whenever we heard of the passing news of our young friend, it's like a reminder that life is indeed short.
We're still in shock and sad since hearing this news at about 1130 pm.
Kimie was a good friend. Leman is sadder as they're close during school time.
Kimie dan isteri, i guess this mean your love is strong "sehidup semati" bersama. Aku doakan Allah cucuri rahmat keatas roh kalian. Ameen



dieya said...

innalillah.. may Allah bless their souls

Sash said...

Al Fatihah. Semoga roh mereka dicucuri Rahmat. Cinta hingga ke Jannah. Sebak.

a.z.n.e.e said...

aku masih lagi bersedih....