Monday, December 31, 2012

Journey of 2012

In a few hours time we'll bid goodbye to 2012.
When i was young(er), during the eve of new year aku dah sibuk eksaited pikir nak celebrate kat mana..
Sekarang tidak lagik!

Oh tak kuasa ahkak nak bersesak2 kat jalan.. kat parking.. kat shopping mall segala..
Baik ahkak dok umah bersuka ria bersama kucing2.. Hehe..
If I'm lucky, I'll made it up to 12am..
Most often than not 12 am tu dah wayyyy past my bedtime so esok pagi jek lah iols embrace the new 2013.. Hehe..

2012 has been indeed a great year for me, although I had a fair share of ups and down..
Kengkadang dah tak ingat pon amende aku buat sepanjang tahun nih.. (selain asek pegi holiday jek kan :P)
So here goes..

 It's the start of the new year.. Earlier part of the month past in a blur.. Lagipon baru nak recover from our travel to Bali ujung tahun tuh..

January also was Leman's birthday month.. I stole him away for a short birthday getaway in the city..

 Early February we went for our first honeymoon of 2012.. Singapore and Universal Studio Singapore.. Super fun..

 Then about 1 week later, we went for another short holiday to Kuching with Ayong.. Actually we planned this trip especially nak bawak nenek Leman jenjalan.. but last minute she cancelled so kitaorg pegi la bertiga.. More of a makan trip. Hehe..

 We went for a short getaway to Miri and then Brunei (courtesy of my SIL and BIL. Thank you Along & Abg Joe)..

 Actually datang Miri not so much for holiday but to spend some time with our anak2 sedara.. They are growing up so very fast..

 Early May we went for another honeymoon.. This time to Koh Samui.. 

 And on 27 May 2012, we met our new niece.. Zara Edora Zafri.. She was and still is super cute and Aunty Ina is totally wrap in her little fingers.. Hahaha..

I also managed to travel to Bangkok during this month..

 On 7 July 2012, we celebrated oour 5th wedding anniversary.. How time flies when you're having so much fun! No kidding.. Tetiba jek dah 5 tahun.. Syukur alhamdulillah for such a blissful marriage and may many many many more to come.. Amin..

 Aidilfitri 2012..

But about 1 week later, I managed to booked myself to an all-expensed-paid-first-class room at the Prince Court Medical Centre for 5 days..

 Super super scary..
This was indeed a wake up call for me.. Health should be my #1 priority.. 
Never again I'm taking it for granted..

 Still can't help smiling when i think back on our super super awesome Europe trip..

December seemed to pass by so fast..
In between recovering from my jet lag and studying for 2 exams..

So that's about it for 2012..
Career wise was okay alhamdulillah.. 
Health got its fair share of ups and downs.. I had the the most blood drawn out of me and the most needle work poking me in just few weeks time as compared to these past 31 years.. But no complain.. as I've known friends with way more heavy health "dugaan".. Syukur alhamdulillah mine was so minor as compared to theirs..
Rezeki travel pon agak murah tahun nih.. 
Life was great in general.

Hopefully 2013 will bring me, my husband, my cats, my family, my friends and my readers more HEALTH, LOVE and WEALTH.. 

Have an awesome 2013 people.

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