Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Imbasan Tahun 2005

Another 3 days and 2005 would be "last year" ...Thus, im summarising my whole year's experience in this posting..Please bear in mind that throught the financial year 2005 period, i have to WORK and occasionally went on a date wif Leman.. I also have to eat..drink..sleep..went to the loo..blogging..and repeating the whole process over and over again..
Events: Abah's birthday and Leman's birthday..
Description : A month whereby im dead broke..hehehe..every day i live based on "bila gaji aku nak masuk nih..???"... ohw..and this should be an audit peak period..but im not suffering that much in Harrisons..
Events : Valentine's day..
Description : Demmit..can't even remember what i did during this month..Dun even know what i did during valentine..mesti tak special pon..hehehhe..cause i always remember this one valentine whereby me and Leman went dating at the Zoo Negara with the Lions, Elephants, Girraffe, Zebra even B.A.B.I pon ader..hehehhe...
Events : Jue's birthday..
Description : Remember bringing Jue out for dinner..and that's it..the rest of the other 30 days..i cannot remember what i did..demmmmmmmmm..short term memory lost ke???
Events: April Fool and 7th Anniversary
Description : It has been 7 years since me and my boifren met each other..Serious?? lama jugak ek?? how could i still be alive after 7 years of irritating each other..hehehhe... I LOVE YOU MY BELOVED BOYFREN...
Events : Must be a boring month cause i cant remember any...huhuhuh...
Events : Ayong's birthday..Along's birthday..
Description : Went to surprise Ayong for her birthday..have a war of icing cake..
Events : I am 24 years ol'...Boy is 26 years ol'
Description : Celebrated my birthday wif Leman and Ayong..and later being surprise by Irin, Shaz, Nizam and Endran..Im thankful im bless with so much love and happiness.. Celebrated Boy's birthday at REdBoX The Curve...
Events : Merdeka...KSP Nite
Description : CElebrated at Hartamas wif Irin, Alisa and Louisa..have a blast of a time..Having a great time at KSP Nite @ REnaissance Hotel...
Events : BALI
Description : went to BALI..have a very very very wonderful time.. come back to Malaysia..after 3 weeks..Bali got bomb..again! ... I'm thankful Im still alive..oh..and have a blast of a time in Annual Dinner @ Mandarin Oriental..and Treasure Hunting to PD...wow..such a bz month...
Events : Puasa
Description : Toning down all my activities (wish i could tone down on going to work too..hehe)..
Events : Hari Raya Puasa ... My Engagement
Description : Happy beyond words..
Events : ACCA Examination
Description : A lazy month..need to forced myself to study..and took the exam..expecting to fail a paper kut..hahahaha..."kut" jer..but im still optimistic anyway..Starting of Audot Peak Period cycle again..sighhhh.....
Summary : 2005 has been a great great year for me.. i age twice faster since entering PwC...But i think i'm still a cry baby..and i do have occasional cases of emotional breakdown..hehehe...Im proud to survive my first year within the firm (i used to want to resign every single day within the first 3 month..hehehe)..Manage to survive the peak period..the drama..the sales..the RED HAIR..and many many more..Hope 2006 will be better...

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